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Chopin and Modlin airports to be expanded

The plans were announced by Polskie Porty Lotnicze, which manages airports in Poland. According to the assumptions, Warsaw Chopin Airport will be able to handle up to 28 million passengers a year after reconstruction. The capacity of the Modlin airport will also increase several times.

The information about the planned expansion of Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport is interesting due to the ongoing discussion about the planned construction of the Central Communication Port. Currently, the investment is being audited and the final decision on the construction of the CPK has not yet been made.

PPL has more concrete plans for Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport. Marcin Danił, PPL’s new vice-president for Corporate and Commercial Affairs, told Gazeta Wyborcza that the company will soon announce a plan for the expansion of Chopin Airport.

We need a short time to announce plans for Chopin Airport. The aim is to expand it to 28 million passengers a year. We will announce dates and schedules quickly,” Marcin Danił tells Wyborcza.

It is likely that this year Chopin Airport will be at the limit of its capacity, it is expected to handle up to 20 million passengers. The expansion would therefore raise the limit of the number of passengers by 8 million. The expansion of the passenger terminal would start in 2026.

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Warsaw-Modlin Airport is also to be expanded, having already secured PLN 200 million for this purpose. The plan is to enlarge the current terminal with an underground section to house technical rooms and toilets. In addition, the body of the building itself will be enlarged on two sides. Today, there are four gates in the building, while after reconstruction there will be 12. The number of aircraft parking stands will increase to 16. Work on the expansion is due to start as early as autumn 2024. Once completed, the airport’s capacity will increase to 8-12 million passengers per year.

source: Gazeta Wyborcza, PPL

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