Cosy as a home. Office of Legal Advisers in Cracow

It is both a modern and elegant interior. The Law Office of Legal Advisers in Zabłocie in Kraków is an example of the fact that a workplace does not have to have a rigid etiquette. Agnieszka Goryjewska, who is the author of the interior design, took care of the appropriate atmosphere of the interior

When working on the concept for the interior of the office, the architect was aware that through design she has the opportunity to create and transform space into something more than just a functional space. The result was an interior that breaks with the traditional image of a typical office space by creating a personal work area that takes into account the investor’s personal preferences

Krakow is a city full of history and tradition, open to modernity and developing dynamically. The Zabłocie district is a unique place, where old tenement houses come alive with new, fresh ideas. It is here that a law firm is located, run by a young and energetic woman who wanted to create something original for both her team and her clients

The interior design by Agnieszka Goryjewska goes beyond traditional law office interiors, offering something absolutely unique. This space exudes freshness and elegance, with an interior colour scheme reminiscent of Italian climes and the midday sun. The energetic coral colour appears as a dominant accent in the office and conference room, giving them character and energy

The interior of the office exudes warmth through the use of beige, bleached oak, ivory and brick and terracotta accents. These subtle shades create cohesion and harmony throughout the interior, while giving it a cosy and luxurious feel

A touch of classicism in the design is introduced by the use of arches as niches, which subtly break up the space, giving it a unique feel. Vertical wooden bars, arranged in a semicircle, separate the spaces of the office kitchen and reception area, adding lightness and soaring to the overall interior

The offices and conference room are separated from the rest of the space by acoustic glass walls, providing adequate privacy and tranquillity. Despite its elegance, the entire interior also has a homely feel, which is extremely important for clients using the law firm’s services. There is no heavy mahogany furniture here; the interiors are designed with lightness and femininity, which gives the space a unique character

Fashionable textiles, openwork fabric curtains, upholstery of bucolic furniture, atmospheric posters and accessories give the space a personal and unique character

design: Agnieszka Goryjewska

photography: Patryk Polewany – Polewany Photos(

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