Design and art and more! 15 GOCC auctions worth looking out for

Like every year, for one day, Poland and the Poles turn into one big, smiling family. The goal – traditionally – is to play big and help. This year we are collecting under the slogan: “Lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults!”
the 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity once again brought together millions of participants, as well as tens of thousands of volunteers and exhibitors, among whom there were representatives of the world of fashion, architecture, design or art. We have gathered 15 GOCC auctions for you, which will certainly be of interest to lovers of good design and others. We invite you to join the charity! We are going for the record!

Mrs Jurek x Levi’s / Pola – ceramic composition

The subject of this auction is a unique ceramic painting, which was created in cooperation between the Levi’s® brand and Ms Jurek. To celebrate the Summer/ Spring 2024 collection, the Levi‘s brand invited exceptional Polish artists to collaborate and create unique artistic objects. Each object was inspired by theLevi’s brand and the watchword of the latest campaign, which is PROGRESS. Together with the artists, the brand donated each of the created objects to the 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Lungs After Pandemic. We are playing for children and adults!

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Ola Niepsuj and NOKE Architects / sculpture-totem “Davi”

At 275 centimetres high and 145 centimetres wide, the totem “Davi” is a really substantial sculpture. Resembling a chess piece, the spatial form was created as a result of a collaboration between the outstanding graphic designer Ola Niepsuj (we salute Ola) and NOKE Architects, who have visited our site more than once (we salute the whole team).

NOKE Architects is a Warsaw-based design studio that was founded in 2012. It specialises in the design and creation of places and objects. NOKE Architects’ projects are distinguished by thoughtful form and careful selection of materials that resist the test of time. The studio has its origins in building design, but is now most recognised for its interior designs. Its selected projects include: the KOPI boutique, the Food Hall in Browary Warszawskie, the Va Bene Cicchetti bar, the Animoon studio office, the Spa & Wellness in Klekotki or the Take a Look optical salon. More about the studio:

Ola Niepsuj – graphic designer, illustrator, art director Specialises in collage art, visual identity, posters, packaging design, publications and infographics. She treats design conceptually and holistically. Her work has been recognised in 190 exhibitions in 34 countries, Winner of the Society of Illustrators NYC silver medal. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, she also studied at Escola Superiore Artes Design and Faculdade de Belas Artes in Portugal. Her work bridges the worlds of commercial and artistic art, and has been published by leading brands, newspapers, magazines and publications around the world. She also gives lectures and workshops at international industry conferences.

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Kasia Sokolowska – visit and personal tour of Lava e Sal

“I cordially invite you to an unforgettable trip to my spa LAVA e SAL. In the heart of Masuria, in Ostróda, I will tell you about my inspirations, longings and fulfilled dreams. SAL will cleanse and prepare your body and stimulate your imagination.” – kasia Sokolowska invites. As we were among the lucky ones who were guided by Kasia through the wonderfully designed Lava e Sal space, we can confidently confirm – a personal visit with Kasia is more than just relaxation for body and soul. It is a huge dose of knowledge and inspiration, which Kasia Sokolowska is happy to share with her guests. The hotel itself is an equally beautiful (as well as beautifully located) place. The auction is for a visit for two!

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Szymon Holownia – the last barrier of the Sejm closed to Citizens

Although this auction isn’t strictly about architecture or design, although on balance, is it? Small architecture – it is. Design – so to speak. A dose of culture and history – certainly. This inconspicuous railing is a kind of essence of certain times. A signum temporis enchanted in metal tubes. There’s also a bit of humour, light-heartedness and distance (thankfully not the physical kind) in all this. This is what we really like about Marshal Holownia. If you see as much as we do in this metal homestead, we recommend this allegro’s auction to you!

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Anna Orska – create jewellery with Anna Orska!

ORSKA, the popular artistic jewellery brand, is putting up for the charity auction of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity a unique opportunity to personally create jewellery under the watchful eye of Anna Orska, one of the most recognisable Polish designers.

Visit the ORSKA studio and together with the artist, from a pool of pre-prepared components, create a unique piece, perfectly tailored to you, which no one else will have!

Link to auction: https: //

NOKE and friends play for WOŚP – a series of 32 linocuts

NOKE appears in the list for the second time. And bravo to them! The NOKE team, together with friendly Creators, Artists, Designers and all manner of Wonderful People, have created a series of linocuts under the theme ‘tête-à-tête’, a reflection on an intimate encounter for two. Among the Creators are: Rafał Dominik, Katarzyna Baumiller, Malwina Konopacka, Michał Loba, Ola Niepsuj (also again in our list, applause Ola) and Zofia Wyganowska.

Link to list of all 32 auctions: https: //

Szymon Brodziak – photo signed by Szymon Brodziak and Jurek Owsiak

This black and white photograph by Brodziak comes from a shoot for a calendar with Leonora Jiménez, a supermodel from Costa Rica. Simon, inspired by a scene from the film Constantine, took this photo and the entire shoot at a junkyard in 2013. “In the film Constantine by Francis Lawrence, there is a scene where a car crashes into the protagonist and crashes into him in a small way. I had it in my head for a long time and was just waiting for the opportunity to realise it. The chance came with a proposal I received from the model Leonora Jiménez, Miss Asia Pacifc, who invited me to make a calendar starring her. Again, I heard my favourite , “Simon – do what you want” and I knew immediately that Leonora would be the perfect woman to realise my crash-test vision. Leonora’s phenomenal beauty was only the beginning. What made me confident that I had chosen the right theme for the shoot was her courage, charisma and acting ability. To make the shoot, I had to scour all the local junkyards and buy a suitably striking car. The rest was about finding the target scenery, setting up the car appropriately and styling and emoting the model. Around this situation, I expanded the vision with further ideas, making up the script for the entire calendar shoot. As a result, more than six months of preparation were culminated in thirteen photographs created in a single shooting day.” – Szymon Brodziak, quoted in the album ‘What you see is who you are’.

Szymon Brodziak (born 1979) – master of black and white photography. Awarded consistently since 2002 – winner of 1st place in the World’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2019 by One Eyeland.

Youngest artist and first Pole whose work has been exhibited at the Museum of Photography – Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. Awarded the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for continually making his dreams a reality and his passion for forging new paths in search of beauty. Up for auction is Poster #16 | Crash Test | photo by Szymon Brodziak

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Historical Museum in Sanok – art photography by Zdzisław Beksiński

Cultural institutions have also joined in the joint play. One of them is the Historical Museum in Sanok, which is famous for its extensive collection of works by the outstanding artist Zdzisław Beksiński. Although he practised artistic photography for a relatively short period of time (from 1952 to 1959), his photographs are increasingly being put on a par with his paintings. The photograph put up for auction depicts someone very important in his life, namely his wife Zofia Beksińska.

It is worth noting that the works are prints from original negatives and are part of a limited edition with serial numbers. Moreover, it is worth noting that the photograph in this shot, which is the object of the auction, is developed for the first time from dusted negatives last year on the order of the Historical Museum in Sanok. The object has a certificate issued by the museum and is personally signed by Jurek Owsiak.

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Zuza Kołodziejczyk – professional photo session in Glamour magazine

Do you want to feel like a real model? Do you want to appear in one of the most recognisable magazines in the world? Do you want to become a star shining in the limelight for a while? Take part in the auction of Zuza Kołodziejczyk, our colleague from the Glamour editorial team, who will take care not only of the session itself, but also of preparing you (and, if you wish, the accompanying person) for this session.

“The person who wins the auction will also be able to invite an accompanying person in front of the lens. It’s up to you to decide – we can take these photos as a duo, or you can also invite your sister or a friend to join our duo,” says Zuza Kolodziejczyk.

Zuza and GLAMOUR guarantee unforgettable moments on the set under the care of professional make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists and a souvenir in the form of photographs in the magazine.

Link to the auction: https: //

Gift of Youth – a piece of historic sailing

Are scientific institutions playing for WOŚP? They do, and how! A piece of historic sail from the Dar Młodzieży (Gift of Youth) donated by the Maritime University of Gdynia to the 32nd WOŚP Finale with Jurek Owsiak’s personal signature!

“This piece of sail survived the whole season at a very symbolic moment, because it was the 100th anniversary of the crossing of the Equator by the sailing ship “Lwów”, the vessel that was the first to reach the Equator .

The sail has the power of the salty waves of the seas and oceans, the winds, the sun, the rain. It smells of adventure. A unique and the only opportunity to auction such a piece of wonderful, beautiful, sea adventure.” – Jurek Owsiak

So how are you a sea wolf or a land rat?

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Prison art – pastel drawings, Polish flag

On this special day, goodness beams even from places that most people associate negatively. Item presented as part of the ‘Prison Art’ series. Inmates in prisons across the country traditionally support the work of the Orchestra with their handicrafts, specially made for our colourful finale auctions. Their time turned into real works of art has supported the colourfulness of our auctions for many years now, for which we thank them very much!

Link to the auction: https: //

Roch Urbaniak – painting ‘Klucznik’

Interesting stories are everywhere, you just need to spot them. Roch Urbaniak is a master of presenting fantastic stories, which he invites his viewers to experience. With his multi-threaded narration, he paints pictures-stories that are difficult to forget.

Roch Urbaniak is a conscious artist who sees moving stories in seemingly trivial media: mainstream cinema or computer games inspire him as much as journeys, legends and myths. Despite his artistic maturity and vast knowledge, he does not impose a vision of what should be read in his paintings. Leaving a great deal of freedom to his viewer, Roch Urbaniak imbues his works with extraordinary detail. He takes us into paradisiacal worlds, stretching our imagination to its limits. He is capable of causing both emotion and sadness. Each of Roch’s paintings is a multitude of stories, as many as there are observers.

The artist paints in the technique of acrylic on canvas. He is also keen to use other forms of expression, creating comic strips and illustrations. He presented an outstanding level in the book “Papiernik – or where stories come from”, two parts of which were enthusiastically received by readers in Poland.

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Image from the film HUNGRY WITH AN AUTOGRAPH

The subject of this auction is an image from‘Peasants‘ – the latest film directed by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman – nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA Awards, among others.

The film’s story is based on the Nobel Prize-winning novel of the same name by Władysław Stanisław Reymont, which depicts life in the countryside at the turn of the 20th century. The dramaturgy of events is inscribed in the rhythm of changing seasons, seasonal field work and rural customs. This is the background against which the fate of the Boryn family and the young girl Jagna unfolds. The unique micro-world of a rural community is a pretext for telling a universal and incredibly topical story. A story about tragic love and life in a small community, where the rules and brutalities of the game determine everyone’s place in the group, and stepping out of the narrow confines risks humiliation and rejection.

For the auction we are donating the painting CH 1109, painted by Yulia Spivakova for scene 083_010. The reference for its creation was a painting painted by Stanislaw Kamocki in 1910, ‘The Old Church in Zakopane’.

Link to auction: https: //

MAGDA BUTRYM x IGA ŚWIĄTEK: Iconic dress and autograph with dedication

This duo needs no introduction. However, it is worth telling a little about the dress here, which is not only simply intimidating, but also has an interesting story attached to it. This creation became extremely popular when Iga Swiatek wore it during the WTA Finals ceremony. It is an elegant backless dress, in red, made of jersey that highlights the silhouette in a subtle way. The dress’s associated story of passion, triumph and the qualities of spirit of an extraordinary personality like Iga Swiatek resonates perfectly with the philosophy of the brand, whose clothes have empowered and inspired women around the world for more than a decade.

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Stay for 2 in Hotel Bristol

The Bristol Hotel, where history intertwines with modernity. It is a place of legend, and the unique spirit of the place can literally be felt in the air here. As editors of whiteMAD, we are proud to say that we are at least a small part of this magical place, because in every suite at the Bristol Hotel you will find our magazine, waiting for guests hungry for beautiful things.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to bid for a weekend stay at the Bristol Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Warsaw! This unique place on the map of Warsaw combines style and elegance, providing unique memories and an exquisite culinary experience.

The auction includes:

  • 2-day stay for 2 people in the Paderewski Suite with buffet breakfast
  • Nikkei-style dinner at Lane’s Bar for 2 persons
  • Tour of the hotel’s historic nooks and crannies with concierge
  • Access to the Bristol spa facilities: swimming pool, gym, dry sauna and steam sauna

Link to auction:

the 15 GOCC auctions are, of course, our subjective list. It is impossible to list here all the interesting auctions, as there are thousands of them. We have selected the auctions in a very personal way. Wherever our GOCC hearts beat faster, we have added to the list. We hope you share our enthusiasm. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the record! We are playing until the end of the world and one day more!

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