Electric scooters banned in Paris. They cannot be rented

The new regulations have been in force since the beginning of September. Operators have removed all electric scooters from the city.The ban was decided by the residents themselves, who expressed their wish to do so in a referendum

The vote to ban the rental of scooters in Paris took place in the spring. 1.3 million residents were eligible to vote in the city’s referendum, but only 7.46 per cent went to the polls. The results were unequivocal, with 89 per cent of voters in favour of banning the rental of electric scooters. Only 11 per cent had a different opinion

The ban took effect on the first of September. In total, 15,000 electric vehicles disappeared from the streets of Paris. This is the result of a problem that had been growing in Paris for years. When electric scooters appeared on the city’s streets, they started to cause a lot of problems. Residents complained about the vehicles gliding fast, collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or cars. In 2021, 24 people were killed in accidents involving electric scooters across France. In Paris alone, there were 459 accidents involving electric scooters in 2022, with three deaths. Initially, Paris authorities wanted to curb these problems by reducing the speed limit of the vehicles and reducing the number of operators offering the rental service

Parisian officials are calling for people who previously used electric scooters to switch to public transport or start using traditional bicycles. Bikes are available for hire all the time in the city

As TVN24 reports, the scooters that have been on the streets of Paris so far will go to other cities in France. The vehicles will also feed into fleets in cities in Germany, Poland and the Middle East

source: BBC.com, TVN24.pl

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