Filtered tap water? This is the OMNIRES SWITCH mixer!

OMNIRES has created the SWITCH faucets, which allow access to both tap water and filtered water. The faucets were designed by Paulina Shacalis. SWITCH are minimalist appliances that help to take care of health and fit into modern kitchens

Humans are made up of 60-70 per cent water. Its regular consumption throughout the day is of great importance. Water is essential for the proper functioning of our cells, tissues and organs. It aids digestion, facilitates the removal of toxins from the body, has a positive effect on brain function and skin condition. However, we rarely remember to drink two litres a day. That is why solutions that facilitate access to clean and tasty water are so important

OMNIRES SWITCH kitchen mixers are a combination of modern design and technology. The collection was designed by Paulina Shacalis, who has previously designed for the brand including the OVO M series of washbasins and bathtubs. This time, her products are designed for the kitchen

The faucets in the SWITCH collection are connected to a water filtration system and, depending on the needs, independently provide two streams of water – ordinary (cold or warm) and filtered. Importantly, there is no question of an additional tap placed at the sink. Tap water and filtered water flow from a single unit. This solution will be appreciated by fans of good design and interior designers – minimalist mixers simply look good

OMNIRES SWITCH are available in several colours. These include gold, copper, brass, white, chrome, nickel, graphite and black. Thanks to the colour palette, it is easy to match the chosen mixer to the kitchen fitting. In addition, the models vary in texture. There are glossy, there are matt and there are brushed. The mixers are made of brass and have a streamlined shape, looking minimalist and elegant. Taking a closer look, it is worth paying attention to the details – the spout is decorated with a milled ring, which you only need to gently twist to fill a glass with filtered water. Why milling? Apart from the visual aspect, such a detail is also of practical importance – even wet hands do not slip on this surface. On the other hand, you can control the flow of the faucet using a traditional, simple handle at the base

Now you’re probably wondering, where is the filter? The OMNIRES SWITCH kitchen mixer was created in collaboration with Dafi. The water filter is housed in a small tube under the sink and provides filtered water to a family of four for up to eight months. The filter reduces chlorine and heavy metals, reduces hardness levels and enriches the water with potassium and improves its taste. This means you can forget about buying bottled water every day, which in turn reduces plastic waste. Cheers!

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source: OMNIRES

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