Flat with a hint of vintage in Zakopane. After renovation it delights

The flat is located at Skibówki in Zakopane. It is the western part of the city. The premises are 50 sq m in size and have recently undergone extensive renovation. The effect is impressive.

The interior renovation project was prepared by Agata Popieluch, who runs her own studio Agata Popieluch Studio. The metamorphosis made it possible to create a functional space here, which refers to the vintage style. Modernity blends here with the past.

By changing the original layout of the flat, two smaller rooms were combined to create a living room with kitchen and dining area. The space opens up to the south, offering residents not only a view of Giewont, but also allowing more natural light into the interior.

The designer opted for wooden finishes and white walls and gold details. This combination gives the interior a classic, timeless elegance. In the living room, the muted colour scheme is broken up with an orange armchair, which already belonged to the owner. A patterned carpet was laid on the floor.

In the kitchen, the veneered fronts were matched with a white worktop and glossy ceramic tiles. In addition to the round kitchen table, the cabinetry is complemented by a display cabinet from the communist era, concealing a collection of unique glass and ceramics. A lamp set on it, alluding to the grey-blue tiles in the bathroom. These, juxtaposed with the texture of the marble, form the background for the free-standing bathtub and the custom-made wooden cabinet under the washbasin,” describes the designer.

The flat in Zakopane has been given new life after renovation, but also reminds us of its history. The furniture, paintings and family memorabilia collected here reflect the artistic soul of the owner. Also worth noting is the wooden installation in the corridor, a bas-relief with a folk motif. Its view leaves no doubt where we are!


About the studio:

Agata Popieluch Studio is a design studio specialising in interior design. Its founder creates spaces that are aesthetically coherent and refer to a specific climate. In her designs, she often uses old furniture to achieve the desired atmosphere. The projects include not only new objects, but also those that have been with the clients for years, which are given a new lease of life thanks to a new arrangement.

design: Agata Popieluch(www.agatapopieluch.studio)

photography: Anna Michałek

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This is how the flat looked BEFORE the renovation:

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