Floating wind turbine. The first one is already operating in Spain

X1 Wind is a Spanish company providing innovative, eco-friendly solutions. The last major project it worked on was a floating wind turbine. Such a turbine is easy to transport and can be quickly set up in new locations.Thefirst one was tested in Spain

Traditional wind turbines have one disadvantage – on windless days they do not produce energy. Hence the idea to develop wind turbines in a new version. X1 Wind is a floating platrophy that was installed in the Canary Islands in October 2022. Researchers have collected data which is now being analysed so that the next generation of the device will be flawless

This is the result of the work of the entire team and I would like to thank all the project partners and local suppliers who so diligently supported the construction process of the installation. We are particularly grateful to the partners and suppliers who played a key role in the final phase, developing the groundbreaking mooring and connection solution for our X30 prototype,” says Jorge Casanovas, X1 wind operations manager

The engineers working on the project wanted the floating wind turbine to be simple to operate and easy to transport. The result is a lightweight design with a stable float that can be towed by small vessels. This design also ensures less interference with the environment

The project to create floating turbines is part of the larger PivotBuoy project, which is funded by the European Union. Its aim is to collect energy that will then feed into the PLOCAN network serving the north-east coast of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria

The device is revolutionary because, thanks to a modified design, the need for a single tower has been eliminated. The turbine is mounted on a tripod-like frame – increasing its strength and stability

An additional solution is the pioneering mooring system, which is based on a series of taut cables replacing trailing ropes, attached on one side to the higher of the three base towers, which run straight down to a single point on the seabed. In this way, the platform makes it possible to take advantage of stronger winds blowing in areas characterised by greater depth, reads a communication from CORDIS, an EU programme supporting scientific research in Europe

In the future, such a floating wind turbine could be installed anywhere in the world. Before this can happen, the device must obtain the necessary certification

source: x1wind(www.x1wind.com)

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