For the love of wood. White flat in Lublin

It has an area of 55 sq m. The flat is located on Racławickie Avenue in Lublin.The interior design was created for a family of four, and its author is Grzegorz Kłoda who runs the GK-ATELIER studio

The flat was created for a family who has been living and working in Norway for years. This country of picturesque corners is enchanted by the purity of nature. The owners are passionate about Norway and love the local nature. Having lived in almost all regions of the Scandinavian country, they have been able to observe how different the country looks around the frozen Arctic Circle compared to places near Oslo

The architect’s task was to design an interior that was very bright. It was to have numerous light sources, but no chandeliers. The predominant colour scheme was to be earthy and snow-like, from black to grey to wood. The interior was to be bright but not cold, minimalist but not sterile

The result is a living space dominated by white and the colour of fresh, light wood. The latter was achieved by laying oak on the floor

The large amount of varied lighting means that we can model the atmosphere of the interior to suit our mood and the situation. The entire space is decorated in beige (sofa and curtains) and earthy colours (table and carpet). Traces of black can be found in details such as the hockers and track lighting,” describes the designer

The decorative element of the living area is the wall behind the sofa. It was inspired by a photograph of a snowy forest, in which the rays of the setting sun shine through the rhythmically growing trees. The architect placed vertical wooden laths on the wall, which were interspersed with LED lighting

In the kitchen area, functionality was paramount. Here, the designer used a white stretch ceiling to better diffuse light and introduce a substitute for the feeling of daylight

The ceiling is similar in the bathroom, which is decorated in a darker colour tone. The investors loved the microcement for its practicality, texture and minimalism. As well as concrete – in this flat, these materials are a metaphor for stone

The investors did not allow the night area to be photographed, as they wanted to keep this part exclusively for themselves. It is kept in darker grey tones. There is more black, especially in the furniture. The earthiness and the substitute of any colours can be seen in the only photograph from this zone, namely the wallpaper in the bedroom,” adds the designer

The flat in Lublin is used as a base when travelling to Poland. If the children decide to study in Lublin in the future, they already have a place to stay


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