Andrzej Dragan podczas rozmowy z Olivierem Janiakiem

Glenfiddich in the hands of artists

The third edition of the ‘WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’, which put the Glenfiddich brand in the hands of artists to re-interpret it. The invited artists had the opportunity to talk about their work in a series of conversations with Olivier Janiak

Andrzej Dragan, Agnieszka Bar, Jackob Buczynski, Ada Sokół and Andrea Camastra were invited to participate in the project. They are a group of individualists who boldly go against the grain and with their work break the mould, setting new trends in the industry. The fruits of their labour can be viewed at

As part of the ‘WHERE NEXT? Wizards of Change’, a series of interviews with artists was conducted and the episodes were hosted by Olivier Janiak. The recordings are now available on the official website. A hefty dose of inspiration, the interviewees gave their perspectives on topics such as the future of art, challenging oneself in new ways, working creatively in line with one’s values and with respect for the environment. The discussion series motivates and encourages creativity and the search for innovative ideas

Olivier Janiak’s interviewees included

Andrzej Dragan – artist, composer, filmmaker, award-winning photographer, lecturer and theoretical physicist, who paves new paths and breaks existing rules. In a discussion with Olivier Janiak, Andrzej Dragan touched upon the intertwining of art and science. For centuries, the pursuit of beauty and the desire to explore unknown areas have encouraged the most eminent scientists and artists. Many physicists were driven by a sense of beauty. He pointed to Albert Einstein and Paul Dirac, among others

Ada Sokół – designer and 3D artist whose work balances between realism and fantasy. Despite her young age, she has worked with global brands. On the occasion of her participation in the ‘WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’ campaign, the artist decided to create her own interpretation of the Glenfiddich brand

Ada Sokół’s creative tool is a computer, so she presented the brand as a three-dimensional character created using artificial intelligence. The result was Glen, a character that expresses the qualities and values that have guided Glenfiddich since its inception. What Glen looks like and how he behaves is the result of a deep analysis that was carried out by the artificial intelligence under the watchful eye of the artist. The colours characteristic of the Scottish landscape, for example, were significant, and subjected to creative treatment, they can be seen in the details of the character’s face or outfit. A three-dimensional deer was also created, which refers to the brand’s symbolism

The Glen character was created from an interpretation of the Glenfiddich brand, its author is Ada Sokół

Agnieszka Bar – a designer and artist working with glass who is mindful of the need to care for the environment and reduce resource consumption in her work. The glass vessels she creates are not just utilitarian objects, but conceal a deeper message. In her work, she often uses glass that is created by melting down waste, and the objects made often have visible imperfections. The artist does not consciously hide them. (…) not everything is perfect and we do not have to strive for perfection at all. As humans, we are also changeable and flawed. This is also what we create and I try to convey this. The cracks, scratches and imperfections allude to our psyche and to our condition. They are such a mirror for us,” says Agnieszka Bar

As part of the ‘WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’ project, she designed a model of a whisky tasting glass. Its characteristic element is the stem, which she made using the method of quiet-blowing and imprinting in wood, thus alluding to the traditional method of producing the drink in oak barrels. She decorated the teapot with a hand-engraved interpretation of the Glenfiddich logo. The resulting series is a combination of practicality and art. The glasses are pleasing to the eye and their design enhances the tasting experience

Whisky tasting glasses designed by Agnieszka Bar

Jackob Buczynski – designer, entrepreneur and populariser of the zero waste movement. A rebellious artist who is not inspired by others in his work. The artist has his own unique design style in which he emphasises that he is an advocate of fixing rather than buying.

The result of his work is a maverick-inspired jacket. He made it from pieces of natural leather in various colours and textures, sourced from second-hand sources. The designer combined the pieces using his characteristic patchwork method. The double-breasted jacket also features the Glenfiddich brand’s symbol – it’s a stag, which has been embroidered on the back

Jackob Buczynski in the jacket he made as part of the “WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’

Andrea Camastra – culinary virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist. Master of combining modern and traditional cuisine. Winner of prestigious culinary awards, including the Gault&Millau accolade and a Michelin star. To book a table at his Warsaw restaurant, you need to be patient. Free places are available in a few months, and guests treat their visit like going to a museum or theatre, only instead of pictures or actors they admire the dishes served, which they experience using many senses. Andrea Camastra agreed that it is an art form and that the dishes are like a composition – made up of many small elements that, put together, create a masterpiece. – ‘If, in my world, we are creating something melodious it means that we are creating a balance in the dish,’ said Andrea Camastra

Video footage of the project’s protagonists can be seen at

In addition, as part of the ‘WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’, a competition was created to support artists by promoting their work. Participants were tasked with reinterpreting the Glenfiddich brand and presenting its values in a distinctive way for their work. From all the entries, the organisers selected two winners: Arkadiusz Rataj and Monika Kalla. Arkadiusz Rataj created a‘Flavour Machine’, while Monika Kalla created a‘hand-engraved titanium coin inlaid with 24 carat gold’

Three finalists were also honoured in the competition: Aleksandra Prusinowska, Lubosz Karwat and Michał Poziemski. Works created as part of the ‘WHERE NEXT? Creators of Change’ could be seen at the vernissage held on 9 October at the Bolesław Biegas Museum

More about the ‘WHERE NEXT? Wizards of Change” and the artists’ works prepared as part of the project can be found at

source: Glenfiddich materials

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