Great exhibition of Polish Street Art in Warsaw

The third edition of Urban Art Area is underway in Warsaw – a major exhibition of Polish Street Art and Urban Art.The exhibition, which runs until 15 August, presents over 300 objects by almost 70 of the most outstanding and interesting artists in the field of Urban Art – live painting, murals, graffiti, screen printing, vlepki, installations, sculptures, photographs and many others

This year’s presentation of unique works prepared especially for the occasion takes place in a place iconic for the history of Polish writing – the modernist space of the Stand II hall with a total area of over 2,000 square metres at the Służewiec Race Track. Thanks to this project, the transition of Urban Art to the other side of the Służewiec Wall was made in a symbolic way. Visitors have the opportunity to see the work of leading representatives of the trend – the event includes M-City, Swanski, Chazme718, SEPE, NeSpoon, Proembrion, Noriaki, Pener, Cekas, Fruit of the Lump, Krik Kong, Tankpetrol, Young Dron and many others. Selected Artists present their distinctive styles in specially arranged, original spaces. The works presented can be purchased on site

The Urban Art Area 3 project is also accompanied by a series of Urban Art School, i.e. meetings with the most interesting artists and experts, during which it is possible not only to take part in panel discussions, but also to watch specially prepared documentaries and animations. There is also a Creative Zone, where visitors can learn the secrets of painting large-format murals, cutting out stencils and stickers and try their hand at it under the guidance of the artists who create them on a daily basis

An Urban Concept Store has been set up in the foyer of the exhibition, stocked by almost all Urban Art Area 3 artists and featuring custom clothing, collector’s merch and archive and premiere publications

The final event associated with the Urban Art Area 3 project will take place at the Koneser Praga Centre, where the Leonard Art Gallery is headquartered. on 26 August, there will be a meeting with Julia Tymanska under the theme ‘Pin-up’. The event will also be an opportunity to summarise Leonard Art Gallery’s activities in promoting Polish street-art

source: press materials

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