Herringbone Dryback bonded vinyl panels. A classic pattern throughout the home

“Herringbone” is a classic pattern that is associated with the luxury of wooden flooring. The pattern was popular at the Victorian court. To this day, the English style is synonymous with luxury, and its inherent element is precisely the characteristic layout of the boards, which the English call Herringbone. Until recently, ‘herringbone’ was reserved for solid wood floors. However, there are vinyl panels on the market that can be laid in this classic pattern using adhesive installation. Herringbone Dryback, from the Arbiton brand, is a panel that provides a quiet, warm floor that requires no maintenance. The glue-on installation, on the other hand, allows you to lay many variations of the pattern and achieve a unique surface on the floor or wall that would delight even an English king.

Historic flooring patterns – in aristocratic courts and urban stones

The classic Herringbone pattern dates back as far as the Roman Empire. The name refers to the characteristic arrangement of the elements, which resembles the descending branches of a coniferous tree. The Romans laid stone paths in this way, making them more stable and durable. In Europe, the French are regarded as the forerunners and promoters of the Herringbone pattern. From there, the fashion spread to the islands, where it became popular with the British, who by the 19th century were already using it on most of their properties

In Poland, herringbone design is mainly associated with the inter-war period, when this type of parquet was the most popular in townhouses. Until recently, the herringbone pattern was reserved exclusively for parquet

Although wooden planks have many advantages, it must be remembered that wood is a soft material, easily damaged. It also requires regular, expensive maintenance. The parquet floor needs to be sanded once every few years, and this is a considerable expense. Solid wood floors should also not be laid in areas exposed to moisture (hallways, kitchens, bathrooms). There is, however, an alternative to wood

“Herringbone” without maintenance

The answer is vinyl panels. This year, the Arbiton brand presented a novelty – the Herringbone Dryback collection. Thanks to the applied mineral core technology, the vinyl panels are waterproof and characterised by high durability (class 33.42) and strength. They are an absolutely ideal material for laying over underfloor heating, including in bathrooms and kitchens. They are characterised by one of the lowest thermal resistances on the market (0.01 m2/KW), thus helping to reduce heating bills in real terms. Thanks to their properties, they do not require additional expansion joints, so we can create a homogenous floor throughout the house, which will be deceptively similar to natural glued parquet

Herringbone Dryback panels complement the Herringbone collection, which was previously available for click installation. Thanks to the use of the same colour range, the two products can be combined for a unique effect

Herringbone Dryback panels measure 616 mm x 154 mm and are only 2.5 mm thick. At the same time, they have the same wear layer as the click panels. All this contributes to the manufacturer’s 25-year guarantee on this product

Real Wood technology – wood structure in an innovative form

New to this collection is the synchronous Real Wood Structure. The four Herringbone Dryback decors were created using the unique EIR embossing technique. It gives a hyper natural effect, which is enhanced by a matt, elegant finish. The panels are coated with a patented Antiscratch Titanium Nano Layer, which increases their scratch resistance by up to 30 per cent. Like all hard core panels, the Herringbone Dryback collection is dimensionally stable and extremely impact resistant. The collection consists of fourteen colours. This allows you to create a floor that is unique and unpretentious, giving your interior a noble naturalness

Herringbone Dryback vinyl panels – on walls and ceilings

Herringbone Dryback vinyl panels are also ideal for wall applications. As long as the substrate is properly prepared, they will make a beautiful permanent feature of any interior. We can choose to ‘paste’ the entire wall or just a section of it. In this way, we can create, for example, an attractive bed headrest, which will definitely warm up the interior of any bedroom

The use of wood in room ceilings is an interesting procedure that warms up the interior and gives it a unique character. Wood on the ceiling corresponds wonderfully with brick and rustic, Provencal style or even the white of minimalist walls. Today, to have a ceiling that resembles wood, we don’t have to look for wood laths or other natural constructions. We can use bonded vinyl panels, which are ideal for creating a beautiful “wooden ceiling”. A piece made this way will not require any troublesome renovation work. It will not harbour any micro-organisms and, thanks to its anti-static properties, the vinyl will remain clean and beautiful for many years

Mineral core – what is it?

State-of-the-art vinyl panels have a rigid, extremely durable core that conducts heat brilliantly. The name, from RIGID (rigid), perfectly describes the material’s properties. It is thanks to this solution, developed by the Arbiton R&D team, that Arbiton vinyl panels acquire unique features such as durability, mechanical resistance or dimensional stability regardless of temperature differences

Herringbone Dryback flooring will be perfect for interiors referring in style to British country estates, but also in modern loft interiors or simple Scandinavian and minimalist interiors. It is a pattern that, although classic, does not impose its narrative on us and introduces the perfect subtle backdrop for further design experimentation

Herringbone flooring is associated with timeless, historic design. It blends seamlessly into traditional spaces with a retro feel. It forms a wonderful background for furniture by prominent Polish designers. Herringbone also looks great in ultra-modern herringbone also looks great in ultra-modern homes as it adds a timelessness to them. The Scandinavian style also makes good use of this type of flooring

So the herringbone pattern is perfect for almost any interior. All the more so now that it is available in uniform colours for both glued and click-mounted collections. This creates arrangement possibilities such as there have never been before

source: Arbiton press materials

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