Hortulus Gardens in Dobrzyca. It is one of the “Wonders of Poland”

The Hortulus Gardens are located in Dobrzyca in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Recently, this enclave of greenery won the title of one of the sixteen ‘Wonders of Poland’ 2023. The title was decided by the readers of National Geographic Traveler Poland

The gardens are located in the Koszalin district and consist of two parts, two kilometres apart. The Hortulus Thematic Gardens and the Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens are two kilometres apart, each with its own infrastructure. The gardens can be visited independently of each other or the two gardens can be visited in one day. The Horulus Thematic Gardens were established back in 1992 on the initiative of owners Iwona and Piotr Bigoński

The aforementioned Hortulus Thematic Gardens are divided into 30 fragments, which have a different character. In total, the green area here covers 4 hectares. Visitors can enjoy the rock, water and forest gardens as well as those with small architectural elements that define the style of a particular garden. These include gardens in English, Japanese, French or Mediterranean style

Just like nature, gardens live and change every day. Therefore, in spring, you will see an intense development of plants and flowers – tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, heather and early perennials. In June, rhododendrons, lilacs, azaleas and numerous herbs are in bloom

The Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens in Dobrzyca, on the other hand, opened in 2014 as a second park and garden complex designed to be a tourist attraction. A green area of 15 hectares was prepared for visitors! At the heart of the garden is the world’s largest hornbeam labyrinth, which covers an area of one hectare. The central part of the labyrinth has a 20-metre-high observation tower, from the top of which the surrounding area and nearby themed gardens can be seen

In total, more than 6,000 species and varieties of plants, including exotic species, have been collected here

source: Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens

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