Interior designer’s flat in Warsaw

It is 90 sq m and located in Wawer, Warsaw. It is the flat of interior designer Tatsiana Siamashka, who runs her own design studio ART and DESIGN. The designer created her private space inspired by loft style and classic solutions.

The designer lives here with her fiancé, who owns a finishing company. The furnishing of their shared interior was therefore an interesting process, during which the couple’s skills were used.

In arranging the space, the designer wanted to achieve a “wow” effect, but at the same time she wanted these interiors not to get boring quickly and to encourage people to live here. – In short, it was to create a designer flat to live in, and she succeeded! – tatsiana Siamashka recalls.

The interior is a kingdom of black and olive colour. The transition between the colours is toned down by grey, anthracite, pink and brass. Olive makes the space feel cosy, safe and comfortable. The brass accessories, on the other hand, are a touch of elegance. Here, every detail counted, and this is evident as soon as you enter the flat – the first thing that catches your eye is the wallpaper wall and the illuminated mirror.

The designer used some clever solutions to hide some technical elements. The arch and the seat in the bathroom with the shower were designed in such a way as to hide the pipes. In order to visually elevate the room, the designer used a raised concealed door and vertical decorative elements.

I am satisfied with the whole flat. There are no uninteresting, ordinary rooms, there is ‘that something’ in each one. We managed to realise the project according to our ideas,” adds the designer.

photos: Mikołaj Dąbrowski(

design: ART and DESIGN by Tatsiana Siamashka

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