It has 44 sq m. Harmonious flat in Gdańsk

It was to be an elegant and simple space. The flat in Gdansk was designed by the PUROSE studio. In order to achieve the target effect, the project used clever solutions that visually cleaned up the interior. An example is the washing machine, which was placed in the hallway. There are more similar solutions.

The design focuses on harmony and elegance, while keeping the space as functional as possible. The colour scheme is kept in light, neutral tones, mainly beige and darker shades of wood, which fully meets the expectations of the owner of the flat, taking into account her individual preferences and lifestyle. This subdued background allows the creation of a calm atmosphere, while at the same time making it easy to match accessories or contrasting elements. The flat in Gdansk consists of a living area with an open-plan kitchen connected to the living room and dining area, an entrance hall, a bathroom and a bedroom.

The heart of the flat is the kitchen, which is open to the living room. The kitchen cabinetry was created by juxtaposing wood panelled fronts with black handles and warm beige lacquered wall cabinets with black décor. At the time of day when the sun’s rays illuminate the kitchen, the cabinet fronts interact surprisingly with the natural light coming through the large window above the sink. The worktop and the delicate wall band are made of HPL compact worktop imitating the pattern of beige stone. The fridge is hidden in an alcove, so that it does not dominate the living area.

The kitchen is saturated with warm tones, and contrasting black details give the space a modern feel. At the same time, a subtle fascination with the classics can be felt throughout the flat, which manifests itself in the materials used – wood and stucco.

In the lounge area, there is room for a beige sofa bed. The upper part of the RTV unit was designed as an open space with a bookcase, not only to keep the visual lightness of the flat, but also to enable the owner to display her souvenirs from her travels.

The small space of the bathroom was cleverly rearranged, resulting in the washing machine being relocated to a cupboard located in the entrance hall. The reorganisation was to create a comfortable shower with dimensions of 160×80 cm.

The room features stone imitation tiles with a decorative, hard-wearing wallpaper with a jungle motif, which brings an element of nature, relaxation and exoticism to the bathroom. The vegetation and tropical atmosphere give the space a fresh and original feel. The jungle motif is an expression of the owner’s passion for exploring exotic places and evokes memories of travel. The wallpaper is maintained in muted colours. A monochromatic motif in cool beige, slightly broken with grey, which not only fits calorically in the bathroom, but also in the entire flat.

mieszkanie w gdańsku

In the bedroom, a carpet appears on the floor instead of vinyl panels, which adds warmth and cosiness to this room. Decorative panels have been used above the simple bed headboard to give the wall a three-dimensional feel.

A striking design element is the custom-made wallpaper, decorated with an intriguing motif of flying fish. These symbolic creatures, floating freely in the air, are a metaphor for a free, independent man, who has his own will and is fearless in the face of obstacles or adversity.

The motif of flying fish, although highly original, finds its place in a composition with an unobvious spectrum of greys and geometric lines. The motif of this wallpaper exudes a subdued frenzy, adding an unusual character to the interior. The circle inscribed in the wallpaper pattern introduces a subtle element of depth, while the technique of depicting a flying fish is reminiscent of a linocut, giving the whole an unusual three-dimensionality.

The walls in both the hallway and the other rooms exude calm and harmony through the use of a neutral colour palette. In this way, the flat in Gdańsk has become a dream living space.


About the studio:

PUROSE – a design studio operating on the domestic and international market since 2021. We periodically improve our competence by participating in trainings and trade fairs at home and abroad. We design timeless and elegant interiors, but also in a simple and modern way. We strive to create unique spaces that combine style and functionality without forgetting quality, budget and schedule.

photos: INKADR Natalia Kaczmarek/ Ula Kasińska

design: PUROSE

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