It has 62 sq m. Minimalist flat in Wrocław

It is a bright and orderly space where the collected design soothes the eyes. The minimalist flat is located in Wrocław, the design of its interior was created by the RYS. STUDIO studio and the photos were taken by the ZASOBY STUDIO team.

While working on the interior design, the architects had a lot of work to do. They decided to change the layout proposed by the developer and to demolish several partition walls. The aim of this was to create an open and clear space. Instead of a layout fragmented by partition walls, a space was created which consists of an entrance area, an office and a living area.

The changes also made it possible to enlarge the bathroom. This was done at the expense of the hallway, but did not affect the convenience of the hallway. In addition, it was possible to let daylight into the bathroom – something that will be appreciated by anyone who has to use a bathroom lit only by artificial light on a daily basis.

The vertical arrangement of the wall cladding and the clearly vertical divisions optically enlarge the flat. High mirrored surfaces in selected areas create the illusion of multi-facetedness.

In RYS. STUDIO’s design, every detail counted. As an example, the closets, which significantly extend beyond the face of the walls, were concealed by the architects in furniture or visually softened by material treatments.

The minimalist flat is decorated with an elegant kitchen, which was designed in the form of a sideboard. The work area was separated from the tall building and finished with materials contrasting with the colour scheme of the living area. A similar tone is used for the veneered Bruno table designed by RYS. STUDIO, which is surrounded by a set of chairs made by the German brand Lubke.

The living area was designed in a similar colour scheme. Its main elements are stained oak veneer, Colonial White stone, oak parquet and chrome details.


About the studio:

RYS. STUDIO – is a design studio based in Wrocław. The studio is created by Konrad Onderko and Małgorzata Radaj. The studio specialises in designing modern interiors whose design is elegant and timeless. The architects often use natural materials, such as stone or wood, to create interiors with character. Interestingly, the architects design furniture themselves, which they then use in their designs. They also have a showroom in Wrocław.

design: RYS. STUDIO

photo: Resources Studio

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