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It has a great atmosphere. The set designer’s flat in Krakow

It is a space that the scenographer and co-owner of the Lessness design studio has created for herself. The flat is located in Kraków, in the heart of the city. Its interior is like a kind of story about the owner’s personality and her sense of aesthetics. There is no doubt that it has been furnished from the heart.

The owner of the flat is a stage designer by education and profession. She has designed sets for film, television and theatre. As a result of the experience she has gained, the spaces she furnishes are not template solutions, but present certain stories. Her flat is the result of 15 years of experience, and in the Krakow interior one can see motifs alluding to design from the 1980s and 1990s.

Some of the decorative objects are artefacts collected on film sets. The history of others is different.

I also have some works by friendly artists, such as a welded sculpture – a wheel, from Kristof Krane or raw prints from Michal Tokarz. A few of my works from my study period also lived to be exhibited,” says the flat owner.

The interior is kept in subdued colours. The base colours are white and black, which have been juxtaposed with natural materials such as wood. The space is also complemented by metal furniture, glass accessories and lots of eye-soothing plants. It is clear that nature has a special place in the flat.

It was only when I looked at the exceptional photo taken by @Migdał Studio that I fully noticed how multithreaded it is; multithreaded because it was created over a period of 15 years, but at the same time coherent because it was created by one person,’ adds the tenant.

So the interior evolved over time, naturally, adapting to current needs. A trip to Iceland, where the owner travelled on foot through the central part of the island, helped to achieve this effect. Iceland gave her a sense of peace and security, quite like home.

Here the landscape is a bit like on another planet; the open space, the narrowed colour palette, the slightly depressing but monumental aura. Avery soothing combination,” she adds.

The building itself helped to build the right atmosphere. The flat is located in a historic tenement house in Krakow, whose basement walls “remember” the Middle Ages. You won’t find right angles here, and each wall has its own characteristic texture. One example is the raw wall in the living room, which reveals a historic, sand-coloured structure.

This flat has matured with me. It is a very personal space. Not only because every object or piece of furniture is accompanied by a story, but also friends and loved ones have helped with each subsequent renovation. (The flat – editor’s note) had many roommates, where everyone contributed in some way,” adds the owner at the end.


About the studio:

Lessness is a design studio based in Krakow, Poland. The studio specialises in designing private interiors. The studio’s portfolio includes designs for offices, cafés or beauty salons. All of them are united by a sophisticated design in which timeless design is combined with art. Interestingly, Lessness has also designed furniture made from recycled materials. You can read about the furniture collection on our website HERE.

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