It is extraordinary. An ice palace designed by a young Emirati woman

The ice palace was designed by Kowsar Noroozi, who lives in the United Arab Emirates. The young designer used artificial intelligence, with which she created a series of villa building designs. Their ice arrangement is unusual for a country located in a hot climate.

Kowsar Noroozi is an architect and designer. In addition to buildings, she also enjoys designing fashion. Her versatile interests have led her to experiment with the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. It was with her help that she prepared a series of villa-like buildings, which she published on her Instagram profile.

The ice palace of her design came in several versions. They are modernist buildings with large glazing, whose walls are covered with ice. The designer informs us that she perversely set the buildings in the United Arab Emirates, although due to the climate there, such structures simply could not be built. Her project is therefore a kind of architectural fantasy.

When working on the design of the buildings, the architect used Midjourney AI programmes and Adobe Photoshop. The example villa has an area of 1 500 square metres. Kowsar Noroozi encourages her audience to immerse themselves in the mesmerising charm of architectural wonder. The crystal house is situated by the tranquil waters of the lake. Its translucent walls offer a breathtaking spectacle both day and night.

The icy exterior changes its appearance from hour to hour due to the sunlight. As dusk falls, the house lighting illuminates the ice block like a lantern.

Every aspect of this unique residence has been carefully crafted to harmonise with its natural surroundings, creating a seamless integration of modern design and organic beauty. From the tranquil interiors to the secluded bedrooms, each space encourages relaxation and immersion in the serenity of nature, says the architect.

You can find more of the young architect’s remarkable projects on her Instagram profile HERE.

source: Kowsar Noroozi

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