It is from the 19th century. The railway station in the small town of Gąsocin will be revived

The railway station in Gąsocin is closed today, but this will soon change. The railwaymen have just announced a comprehensive redevelopment of the historic building. The station will be home to a passenger service area and the upstairs will be rented by the local authority for cultural purposes

The wooden railway station in Gąsocin is located on railway line 9, which connects the Baltic regions with southern Europe. The exact date of its construction is not known, but it is estimated to have been between 1877 and 1880. The building was built in the typical style of railway stations, which refers to the traditional Russian wooden architecture of rural areas. In the past, the route of the Vistula Railway ran through the station. In 1995, the station building was entered in the register of architectural and construction monuments of the Mazovia Province

The historic station has two floors. The mass consists of a two-storey main body and two side single-storey extensions at the gable walls. The exterior walls have a lot of architectural details made of wood. Its foundation is made of fieldstone, the main walls are wooden, and the whole is covered with gabled roofs covered with galvanised sheet metal

At a press conference, the railwaymen announced that the station will be rebuilt taking into account its historic character. At the same time, they will want it to be able to be used by people with disabilities. After the renovation, a waiting room, toilets and a space for ticket offices will be created on the ground floor. On the first floor, thanks to an agreement with the local authority, space will be created for social and cultural purposes

A BMS (Building Management System) will be installed in the building to optimise water, electricity and heat consumption. There will also be CCTV. In addition, the square in front of the station will be rebuilt, with parking spaces for cars and bicycles in addition to new greenery

1940 photo Hokemo TV,, licence: CC BY 4.0

The redevelopment of the railway station in Gąsocin is financed by PKP S.A.’s own funds. The investment has been divided into two stages. The company MAPLE sp. z o.o. of Katowice will be responsible for developing project documentation together with author’s supervision for the investment task entitled “Reconstruction of the Gąsocin railway station”. Then, once these works have been completed, a procedure will be announced for the selection of a contractor for the construction works. The preliminary planned completion date for the investment is 2026

source: PKP S.A

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1940 photo Hokemo TV,, licence: CC BY 4.0

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