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It is winding. Promenade across Lake Głęboczek in Tuchola

Tuchola is a district town in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship. Today, it is home to nearly 13,000 people. The promenade that has been built there is part of a larger project that has created places for recreation and relaxation.

The promenade across Lake Głęboczek is 184 metres long. Its design was created by the company Pomost ISO 2011 and the structure was built from larch and acacia wood. Instead of a straight footbridge, the residents gained a winding path to explore the surface of the lake. The pier was designed to allow the free passage of canoes, boats and pedal boats.

Construction of the boardwalk began in early June 2023 and took several months to complete. First, steel piles were installed, onto which the structure was laid with a deck also made of steel.

The project also included the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting along the entire length of the crossing.

The contractor for the structure was Mat-Bud Michał Piechowiak. This is one of four investments for which the Tuchola municipality obtained funding from the Government’s Polish Order Fund. The funding reaches 95% of the project costs. Their total value is PLN 8,179,373.78, of which PLN 7,505,000.00 is the grant and PLN 674,373.78 is the Tuchola commune’s own contribution.

source: tuchola.pl

The funding also includes the construction of a sports and leisure centre on the grounds of Legbdzie Primary School, the construction of a skatepark near the lake and the thermal modernisation of the Sports and Leisure Centre in Tuchola.

The atypical promenade is another example of going beyond the pattern of building waterside recreation sites. Previously, we wrote about a viewing platform on Lake Słupeckie designed by Paweł Grobelny (read HERE) and an unusual bridge over two counties in Słupca, also by Paweł Grobelny (read HERE).

source: UM Tuchola www.tuchola.pl

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