It will be like a park. Polish Mother’s Memorial Health Centre with a new garden

It is a place that all patients will be able to use. The Institute of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Health Centre in Łódź is embarking on the redevelopment of the green garden surrounding the building. The modernisation will create an attractive space, which will be surrounded by old trees

The investment will be carried out entirely using Cohesion Fund resources. The work includes new planting, the construction of walking paths and a running track, the renovation of stairs and walls, the construction of a ramp for people with disabilities and the creation of a playground with a gym

The Institute’s patients, but also nearby residents, will benefit from the new infrastructure. The green and eye-pleasing space is expected to benefit their health. In total, 3.5 ha of land will be modernised. The works will consume PLN 10 million, with the largest cost being the construction of an irrigation system that will make it convenient to operate the garden

The plan is to preserve the biodiversity of the area by maintaining multi-storey and multi-species greenery, creating favourable and attractive conditions for birds, insects and small mammals, and limiting the spread of invasive species. The new greenery is also expected to reduce noise intensity

The garden, which is located at the Polish Mother’s Memorial Health Institute in Łódź, has not been renovated before. Construction work is already underway and is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. During the summer of this year, work was carried out on laying kerbs and the substructure for the walking paths. Prefabricated retaining walls were installed and stairs were built

source: Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute

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