Italian cuisine beautifully served. Allora restaurant in Warsaw

Allora Restaurant is a new establishment on the culinary map of Warsaw. It is located at 19 Wilcza Street and specialises in Italian cuisine. What makes it stand out? Apart from the good décor, it is above all the dishes – lasagne with fifty layers or arancini in the Roman variant

Allora’s decor and menu are an original interpretation of the Italian atmosphere of its owners, Karolina and Łukasz Kwaśniewski, for whom Italy is their favourite destination. Their heart has been stolen by the local cuisine, thanks to which they can recall their most beautiful memories. Miłosz Sroka, until recently the chef at the Port Royal restaurant, which also belongs to Karolina and Łukasz, is responsible for Allora’s menu. The menu features dishes from all over Italy, as it was difficult to focus on one region when Karolina loves the cuisine of southern Italy, Lukasz loves dishes from the upper Adige and the chef, who grew up in Rome, loves traditional cucina romana

Milosz has spent most of his life in Italy, so he knows exactly what authentic Italian cuisine should taste like. We are in love with his cooking, as he has been smuggling his favourite recipes into Port Royal’s menu for the past seven years. The taste and smell of his dishes have repeatedly transported us to sunny Italy even on a gloomy day, and it was at one such meal that we first started talking about Allora. ‘We want this place to be a “Little Italy” in the heart of Warsaw,’ says Karolina Jakimiak – Kwaśniewska, owner of Allora

Allora is the first restaurant in the capital to serve, among other things, 50-layer lasagne al ragu bolognese, Roman arancini or fritto misto di terra and amatriciana. The chef also recommends Saltimbocca alla Romana. The menu also includes fish and seafood dishes imported directly by the owners from major European ports. In addition, every Sunday the restaurant invites you to an unhurried celebration of Italian flavours with dinners like nonna

We assure you that our Sunday dinners are a true La grande spaghettata per tutta la famiglia, the likes of which have never been seen in Poland before! – summarises Łukasz Kwaśniewski, owner of Allora

The owners’ dream was to create a warm, comfortable space, both in the atmosphere of a casa della nonna and reminiscent of Italian holidays, which is why in the interior of a Warsaw tenement house from the second half of the 19th century you can feel like in a real ristorante

Right from the threshold, Allora welcomes you with a warm colour palette and fabrics of unusual patterns. Tables with mosaic tops and, depending on the section in which they sit, comfortable sofas or chairs in natural wood or red await guests. Mosaic and wood are also present on the walls and go beautifully with mirrors and a painting by Tomek Opalinski. The entire space is enveloped in the warm light of lamps with original shapes

The final look of the interior is the result of cooperation between the owners of Allora and the architects: Rafał Kaletowski and Maciek Ryniewicz

photo: ONI Studio

source: Allora

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