It’s ascetic. The FoodX restaurant in Warsaw with a new interior

The restaurant of the FoodX chain in Warsaw, underwhich brands such as Mr Pancake, Pizza BOYZ, Ghost Burger and Vegan Pizza Club are based, has undergone a full re-design. The place in its new arrangement is an example of a minimalist, even ascetic interior. Its design was prepared by Łukasz Staniewski, owner of Nova Studio

FoodX is a brand that wants to provide customers with the so-called food experience. FoodX treats food as a comprehensive experience – combining a modern menu, unique décor and a broadly defined lifestyle. Each of the five restaurants across Poland has its own style. The FoodX restaurant at 17 Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw has changed beyond recognition. Inspirations from artificial intelligence, contemporary art and luxury street wear are just a foretaste of what lies inside

From the very threshold of the restaurant, you can be transported to another world and delight in the futuristic interior, whose design is the responsibility of Łukasz Staniewski, owner of Nova Studio, formerly associated with the prestigious Barcelona office Isern Serra. The design brief was to give the existing interior a fresh, modern feel using colours and elements characteristic of the FoodX chain found in other establishments, and to expand the space with a new multifunctional room located in the basement

The restaurant consists of two levels. The first is the ground floor with a mezzanine, where a new colour palette has been introduced: the visible brick on the walls and ceiling has been repainted in a warm, light beige, and the same colour has also appeared on the concrete floor, creating a soothing, monochromatic background for the designed elements and furniture. The pastel colours characteristic of the FoodX chain have been reinterpreted in the form of steel covered with colourful gradients, which appears on the two main dominants in the interior – the lining of the bar and the mezzanine balustrade. In order to maximise the use of space, the fixed installation elements – the upholstered sofas – are positioned in the light of the window and against the wall bordering the bar. The original finish of the sofa in silver metallic fabric gives the interior a futuristic character straight out of a science fiction film. It is accompanied by tables in neon green – one of the FoodX chain’s signature colours. The interior is complemented by a fresh mint green colour in the form of other custom-made furniture. The centrepiece is a distinctive form and shiny stainless steel high bar table with an integrated LED screen in the tabletop, on which animations are displayed, ensuring that the FoodX concept provides not only a taste experience, but also a visual one. The use of led screens is another of the restaurant’s distinctive elements, which have been used in all spaces. These screens also appear above the tables in a form reminiscent of futuristic lighting.

The mezzanine has been transformed into a lounge area, a space designed for larger groups and events. It is designed in a monochromatic tone, dominated by silver metallic fabric on the sofas and steel on the tables with led screens. The raw, minimalist look is contrasted with pink led lighting on the ceiling.

Stepping down into the new hall located in the basement, we are transported to another dimension. The futuristic dream-like interior, filled with mirrors, steel furniture and metallic fabric curtains, creates a visually appealing scenography, the protagonist of which is every visiting customer. The room features the FoodX chain’s signature swings – in a new design finished in pink hairy fabric, which contrasts strongly with the monochrome grey of the interior. The second element contrasting with the surroundings is an antique sculpture covered in graffiti with the restaurant’s branding. It gives the interior a unique and surreal feel. The visual experience is complemented by animations and graphics appearing on LED screens placed around the room

The project would not have seen the light of day had it not been for the openness and courage of the clients. The willingness to embrace crazy concepts and innovative solutions is a dream come true for any designer. Working with the FoodX chain was a pleasure and thanks to them, as their slogan says: the dream is real – says Łukasz Staniewski, architect

We have been working on the project for many months. We wanted to create something completely new and fresh, but with our characteristic, unique vibe. In the end, we created a space as if from a dream and two completely different worlds – a modern ground floor with a mezzanine and the fairytale-like level -1. We are very proud of the result and are happy that the new version of the restaurant is now available to our guests,’ say Piotr and Maciej Śliwa, who own the FoodX chain and restaurant

design: Łukasz Staniewski – nova studio

photo: ONI Studio

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