It is unusual. A burger shop with a stepped roof in Kuwait

A new project by Kuwait-Portuguese architects TAEP/AAP is a fresh approach to fast food restaurants. Located in Kuwait’s business district, BBT Hilltop’s aesthetic burger shop offers a quick meal on the ground floor and a functional performance space on the roof. Consistent colours and forms distinguish the building from other restaurants of its type

The aim of the TAEP/AAP designers was to make multifunctional use of an attractive space. This is why the stepped terrace located on the roof of the restaurant is immediately striking. It is a multifunctional space that can be rented for events, film screenings, and in between events, the roof is a place to relax. It is one of the few spaces for events and relaxation in a busy city centre

The restaurant’s location also plays in its favour. Kuwait’s Sharq district is the historic centre of the country’s capital and a business hub. Standing on the rooftop of the restaurant, therefore, offers a modern urban panorama of the capital. Alternatively, for fun, you can slide down the yellow slide that has been installed along the sloping roof. Of course, this is an option for children, serving as a playground…

What is immediately striking is the consistent colour scheme of the building. White dominates with intense red accents. A few elements such as the windows for ordering and picking up food are highlighted in yellow. Inside, the colour scheme remains consistent. A full red spiral staircase leads upstairs. On the roof, the umbrellas and tables also burst with red in contrast to the white stepped floor. At the upper edge of the terrace are red containers containing the restaurant’s clothes and gadgets. This choice of colours is part of shaping the visibility of the Best Burger in Town brand

The coherence of the design and functionality has been appreciated not only by the architectural industry, but also by the customers themselves. The aesthetic burger shop is getting very good reviews and the traffic is high. This approach to fast food restaurants creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the premises. With all these qualities, the Best Burger in Town Hilltop restaurant is a standout on the map of Kuwait’s business district

Photos: Fernando Guerra

Source: TAEP/AAP

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