Pułaskiego 24

The house at 24 Pułaskiego Street – a gem of Świdnica’s Baroque

A gem of Swidnica’s Baroque, the tenement house at 24 K. Pulaski Street, dating from 1740, underwent a major renovation three years ago, which restored its original colours. These were determined on the basis of stratigraphic research.The renovation was subsidised by the Świdnica City Council to the tune of PLN 150,000

The building at 24 Pułaskiego Street is a Baroque tenement house in the type of an urban residence, with a palace-like character. It was erected in the first half of the 18th century. The Gothic and late Gothic cellars and the Renaissance vaulting of the ground floor rear tract have been preserved. The body and interior layout were shaped during the Baroque reconstruction

Pułaskiego 24

It is situated in the centre of the historic town. It is distinguished by its rich Baroque portal and stucco detail. In the opinion of the Provincial Conservator of Monuments, it is an object of great historical, monumental and cultural significance and requires special treatment. In 2020, the townhouse underwent a major renovation. Every detail was thoroughly renovated. At that time, the granite pillars between the windows and the reveals of the entrance portal were cleaned from the layer of plaster. The window frames were also replaced as part of the work. The building was also restored to its former distinctive colours, which were established through thorough research. The renovation was monitored on an ongoing basis by the City Hall, as well as the Provincial Conservator of Monuments. This extremely valuable example of Silesian bourgeois architecture has shone anew and is one of the most impressive buildings in the city

Source: rekonstrukcjeiodbudowy.pl

Photos: Świdnica City Hall

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Tenement house at 24 Pułaskiego Street before and after renovation. Source: Google Maps

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