Kinomural announces OPEN CALL for female and male artists from around the world

Can the Kinomural, which will light up Wrocław, make the city a setting like out of a science fiction film? Robot fairy tales – this is the slogan of the sixth edition of the event and also the theme of this year’s OPEN CALL. Artists can once again join in and submit their works until 7 May.

Imagine a city whose buildings come to life after dark, turning into moving pictures. Walls as giant screens, measuring 300 square metres and sometimes more, create a visually powerful, artistic labyrinth between buildings and streets…

The September Kinomural is one of the few events in Europe that showcases such a large cross-section of new media art artists and thus allows the public to see their work ‘live’, outside the space of the internet.

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Kinomural is a new format for the arts

Do you create film forms, video art, animation, audiovisual installations? If you would like to join the Kinomural programme, submit your project as part of the OPEN CALL call. Artworks can be created specifically for the occasion or be the artist’s or artist’s previous work.

Year after year, OPEN CALL attracts more and more interest from artists from all over the world, which makes us very happy and reassures us that it is worth re-announcing the search, which has just been launched. The best submitted works will be displayed on a two-hundred-metre wall on Olbinska Street – entirely devoted to reviewing the projects of the female and male artists selected in the call. This year, the three best artists will also receive financial prizes. – announces Bartek Bartos, director of the Kinomural. – This year’s, already the sixth edition of the event will bring a few surprises for our audiences; we hope to surprise them even more.

The event’s organisers are looking forward to cinemomural artistic visions around the theme of Robot Tales. Once upon a time… this is how our human fairy tales used to begin. Will robots start their fairy tales the same way? – this is one of the questions Bartek Bartos addresses in his text to artists this year. Read more read here.

From among all the submissions, works will be selected to be presented this year in the form of large-format projections on one of the walls of a building in Wrocław’s historic district by 30 May. In addition, all works selected in the call for entries will take part in the competition – so everyone has a chance to win an award and a prize of PLN 3,000. How to apply? The regulations, calendar and technical guidelines are available at.

september 2024

Organiser: Kinomural Foundation
Competition patron: OKRE Development
Event Patron: City of Wrocław
OPEN CALL curatorial team: Piotr Bartos, Bartek Bartos

source: press materials

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