Kitchens for elegant interiors. Our two proposals

They have been created for conscious customers who prioritise quality, functionality, comfort and timeless design. The Madera and Fenice collections of the Polish brand Halupczok are ideas for kitchens for elegant interiors. What makes them stand out from the competition? What are the strengths?

This is the next instalment of the Madera collection in the Halupczok portfolio. Its design was prepared by Anna Dzierżanowska with a team of designers. This time the designers decided to refer more strongly to nature. The collection was designed with inspiration from nature, organic shapes, natural patterns and colours.

Madeira in its dark version is distinguished by fronts of warm oak, which have a wavy finish. This treatment is reminiscent of a hewn piece of wood. This is best felt by running your fingers over the facade. The fronts are of high quality and stain-resistant. The effect was achieved by a proprietary lacquering technology, which further enhances the natural grain of the wood. The fronts were juxtaposed with matt black and quartz sinter. The overall effect is warm and elegant. The designers have created a harmonious collection, which will also appeal to fans of minimalism.

What elements does Madeira consist of? It is impossible to answer this question. Halupczok supplies kitchens prepared to measure. The brand is made up of a team of experts who respond to every customer need. After all, in a well-designed kitchen, every space matters. Every centimetre must be used, without compromise. Clever solutions are just as important, because the kitchen is the room we use most often. The Madera collection, like other collections from the Halupczok brand, is an example of the juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship with modern technological solutions. Examples include kitchen lighting that can be activated by sensors, a mobile front system that conceals shelves and storage space for various accessories, wooden organisers for drawers or a cleverly designed island. The latter makes it possible to create a mini-garden where herbs can be grown. These are details, but they make a huge difference.

The Madera collection was recognised at the German Design Award. This is one of the most prestigious design competitions. The award is decided by an international jury consisting of architects and designers. The Halupczok brand won an award in the ‘Excellent Product Design’ category for its collection. The experts of the competition appreciated the skilful combination of timeless aesthetics with functionality.

Madera collection:

A kitchen hidden from view? Yes, it is possible! Such functionality is made possible by another collection – Fenice. Halupczok designers used a characteristic element here – massive sliding doors made of ash wood. It only takes a moment and the door, like an accordion, slides open to reveal the worktop and kitchen organisers. In this collection, too, the desired colour of the wood is achieved through a special varnishing process, which involves applying a layer of patina by hand. This treatment, applied by the company’s cabinetmakers, makes the grain of the wood more visible and adds variety to the overall composition. Brushed ash was juxtaposed with the intense terracotta colour of the fronts of the base cabinets. Here an important detail emerges. The fronts of the base cabinets have indentations at handle height – users have more room for their fingers, which improves the convenience of opening the cabinets. This is the first kitchen with this solution that we are describing.

Move the slider BEFORE and AFTER:

The mobile elements are worth noting. The kitchen island’s ash worktop is based on an innovative concept whereby it can be slid out towards the corner, revealing additional storage space. This improves daily work in the kitchen and means that kitchen utensils are literally within easy reach.The bulk of the island’s worktop and the dishwasher compartment, on the other hand, are made of quartz sinter. This material is also found between the fronts of the metallic cabinets. The aesthetics of the entire installation are thus consistent.

When it’s over the kitchen revolutions, guests are happy to take the last bite of their meal, all you have to do is slide the door mentioned at the beginning to enjoy cleanliness and peace. No worries, all recess lighting will automatically extinguish as soon as the door is closed.

Both theMadera and Fenice collections are an idea for an elegant kitchen that will successfully serve the household for many years. Interestingly, the Halupczok brand also offers furnishings for other rooms in a house or flat. The Polish manufacturer’s cabinets can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, bathroom or to arrange a practical wardrobe. You can find out more about the brand’s offer on the official website

source: Halupczok

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Fenice collection:

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