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Łąkowa 18 is as good as new! This is another outstanding project from Gdansk

Another tenement house in Gdańsk has undergone comprehensive renovation. The building at Łąkowa 18 is a classicist, 19th-century tenement house, which has just regained its former glory thanks to EU funding.It is one of the narrowest buildings in the city, with a wall less than 5.5 metres wide on Łąkowa Street

The narrow shape of the building also emphasises and enhances the fact that it is a free-standing building. It used to be part of the frontage, but the neighbouring building has disappeared, as have many others in the area. Today’s layout of Łąkowa Street partly mimics its former appearance. Virtually the entire street consists of two carriageways divided in the middle by alleys with a green belt. Łąkowa Street used to be a representative avenue of rowan trees

18 Łąkowa St. Photo: Gdañskie Nieruchomości


The investment was carried out as part of the Integrated Territorial Investments programme. It is an undertaking for the comprehensive energy modernisation of residential buildings and public utility facilities belonging to the Municipality of Gdańsk. The programme aims to increase the comfort of use and thermal comfort

During the renovation work on the tenement house at Łąkowa 18 Street, the architectural details of the building, which had been deprived of over the years, were restored and highlighted. Thermo-modernisation works were also carried out and four flats, a basement, an attic and a staircase were completely renovated, preserving the original and characteristic staircase there. The ceilings and roof structure were reinforced or partially replaced. The window and door joinery was modelled on the historic one, matching the new face of the building. Building Management System installation equipment was installed in the building to monitor energy and utility consumption

The renovation took 12 months. Four Gdansk families will soon move into the building. The cost of this investment is almost PLN 2,300,000

Source: Gdańskie Nieruchomości

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