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Like a glass ship. Letnica Office building in Gdańsk

The Letnica Office building will be constructed at 12 Sucha Street in Gdańsk. The investment is being carried out by the Pomerania Development Agency, and institutions and agencies whose activities are related to the local government of the Pomeranian voivodeship will have their headquarters inside

It will be a modern office building with a gym, kindergarten and clinic. Interestingly, residents of nearby buildings will be able to use them. The competition for the design of the building was won by the TPF studio

When Letnica is fully developed it will not be a typical bedroom community, but another small city centre with cafes, shops, services and a banking or educational infrastructure, says Łukasz Żelewski, president of the Pomerania Development Agency

Work is currently underway to prepare project documentation. The investor will soon start applying for a building permit. In total, the Letnica Office building will have 9 thousand square metres of space. The building will be powered by technology using renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels. There will be five above-ground floors and one underground floor for car parking

When viewed in conceptual visualisations, the building may bring to mind a glass ship. The impression is enhanced by the streamlined shape of the façade and the green terraces

The site where the office building will be built

photo by Marcin Hlades

The architecture of this building makes no direct reference to Pomerania and its maritime connections. That is to say, if one has this impression, then as an architect I can only rejoice. Because these references are not direct, they are rather just such nuances. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves what it reminds them of. Almost any answer will do. We called this version of the design in our office ‘waves’,” explains Dariusz Leszczyński, chief designer of the building and head of the Architecture Department at TPF

Construction of the building will take four years. When the work is completed, all services which the Marshal’s Office of Pomorskie Voivodeship provides to entrepreneurs – from obtaining European funds or cheap loans to various educational activities – will be concentrated under one roof. The Pomerania Development Agency, the Pomerania Development Fund, the Pomerania Regional Credit Guarantee Fund, the Pomerania Loan Fund and the Voivodeship Employment Office, among others, will have their headquarters here

The construction will be financed by the Pomerania Development Agency, its cost is currently estimated at around eighty to one hundred million zlotys, and its completion date is early 2027

photo: Marcin Hlades, visualisation: TPF

source: Pomerania Development Agency

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