Like a work of art. Poodle chair designed by Mati Sipiora

They are charming and their form is reminiscent of a trim poodle. Poodle is a steel object with the function of a chair with an upholstered seat. Its design was prepared by Mati Sipiora

The Poodle project heralds the creation of a larger series. Mari Sipiora is working on an entire collection called Futuroom, which is both a debut and a manifesto for the creator

Retrofuturistic styling emanates from the form of the furniture. Poodle seems to have his own personality and his style is very distinctive. Peculiar on the one hand and highly original on the other. It is ‘weirdo’ design at its best, a style that creatively defines Mati Sipiora

The furniture was created in several colour versions. One variant is all white, another is total black, a third is silver metallic with a turquoise seat and the fourth is also metallic, but with a honey-toned seat. Despite the bold form, the chairs are elegant and look great put together

Poodle can be counted on one hand as design, but it also has a lot of art. The furniture could successfully stand in modern art galleries around the world. We will see the entire Futuroom collection soon

PS Earlier, we showed another project by Mati Sipiora. It is a tiny Supersonic scooter that you can take with you anywhere. You can find our article about the scooter by clicking HERE

project: Mati Sipiora(www | IG)

photos: Aleksandra Hojczyk

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