Looks like a ship. Fotopunkt Grobla in Szczecin

Its creation was decided by local residents. The Grobla Port Photopoint in Szczecin has been opened. It is a small structure, whose shape resembles a ship. It is intended to enable residents and tourists to take souvenir photos with vessels in the background.

The creation of the Fotopunkt is part of a larger project, which won the favour of residents in the Szczecin Civic Budget. The idea for its creation had already been floated in 2021. The project ‘Duchess Dabrowka’s Family Glade and Port Grobla Photo Point’ involves creating an attractive leisure area with benches, swings, walking paths and new greenery. Its implementation is taking place on Koczy Square, in the Golęcino-Gocław administrative estate.

Szczecin’s Zakład Usług Komunalnych is responsible for the project. Fotopunkt Grobla is a place that allows residents and tourists to take a commemorative photograph against the background of ships sailing on the Oder. The structure is located right next to the river and its ‘prow’ has been extended upwards, so that when you take a photo, you get the impression that you are on board a floating ship.

The construction of the structure cost just under PLN 150 000 and the work was carried out by Usługi Budowlane Wiesław Furtak. The photopoint is shaped like a boat, with sides made of weathering steel. The deck of the ‘unit’ was made of corrugated planks of thermally modified wood. The whole was placed on a steel structure concreted into the ground.

A board with a QR code, placed “on board”, which links to a website providing information about ship movements on the Oder River, will help to provide a suitable background for photographs: www.szczecinpilot.pl/RUCH.PHP. Aninformation sign directing to the photopoint has also been erected on Strzałowska Street, alluding in appearance to the entire installation, says Paulina Łątka of the City Information Centre.

The originators of the photo-point argued in their application to the Szczecin Civic Budget that their aim was to create a place of rest, recreation and integration meetings for everyone. The clearing, equipped with attractive urban furniture and tidy alleys, is to encourage people to visit this part of the city.

source: Zakład Usług Komunalnych w Szczecinie, UM Szczecin(www.szczecin.eu)

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