Metamorphosis of Prague signboards as part of the #PraskaRevolutionsReklamcje project

the #PraskaRevolucjeReklamowe is a project carried out by the association Porozumienie dla Pragi thanks to the support of the City of Warsaw (Office of the Capital Conservator of Monuments). The aim of the project was to make an inventory of old advertisements in Praga, as well as to make a metamorphosis of several service premises with respect for aesthetic principles, legal regulations and local heritage.

Four establishments underwent such metamorphoses – two bicycle workshops (Okrzei and Łomżyńska streets), a ceramics studio (Zachariasza street) and a shop with board games and more (Solidarności Avenue). All four establishments selected to take part in the project received aesthetically pleasing illuminated signs, which on the one hand provided a source of advertising at night, and on the other complemented the tenants’ previous activities to improve the aesthetics of their premises. The illuminated advertisements were prepared by the advertising studio “Ślusarnia Stalowa”.

Shop window after a metamorphosis as part of #PraskieRewolucjeReklamowe


In addition, a ‘Walking Guide to Prague in the Footsteps of Old Advertisements’ has been produced as part of the project. This is a publication published by the association ‘Porozumienie dla Pragi’. The guide takes a closer look at the history of advertising in Praga in its broadest sense. It discusses murals, signboards, shop windows and other advertising elements. It is also accompanied by a practical section on the principles of advertising in public space. The author of the publication is Krzysztof Michalski. The publication is available free of charge in hard copy, as a folded map (limited edition) at the association’s head office, at the tourist information point in Koneser and at the Prague Museum. An electronic version can be found under this link: Walkerownik po Pradze ślady dawnych reklamów.

The project also included walks in the footsteps of old Prague advertisements, as well as a training meeting for entrepreneurs to learn how to advertise.

Source: porozumieniedlapragi.pl

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