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More green roof shelters in Warsaw. 90 more this year

We have written about them many times before. For the first time in 2020. Soon there will be even more shelters with green roofs in Warsaw! The Public Transport Authority (ZTM) announces that 90 such shelters will be added to the streets of the capital as part of the civic budget.

The transformation of the windmills is already underway. Not only will sedum plants appear on their roofs, but also the glass panes are being replaced, which have a pattern designed to give a warning to birds to fly past safely. The dots on the glazing are applied by screen printing.

This year’s green roof shelter offensive is possible thanks to the residents themselves. Varsovians voted for projects in the civic budget. There were several such projects, most of which were favoured by residents. The winning projects include “Green bus stops in Targówek “v.2” (24 roofs), “Green bus stops” (Bielany – 5 roofs), “Blossoming bus stops” (Bemowo – 22 roofs), “Green bus stops in Mokotów” (12 roofs) or “Meadows at bus stops (continuation)” chosen by Ursynów residents (12 roofs). The list of bus stops is long, and sedum will “grow” on shelters at, among others, Metro Bródno and Metro Kondratowicza, Park Olszyna, Rakowiecka-Sanktuarium, Metro Kabaty, Teligi, Metro Bemowo, pl. Kasztelański, Hala Wola, Dzieci Warszawy.

Several projects also involve setting up brand new bus shelters with a green roof. Six such shelters will appear at the stops: Zerzeń, Kombajnistów, Wodniaków, Lebiodowa, Zawodowa and at the bus terminus in Gołąbki.

Sedums are appearing more and more frequently in the city space. It is a plant that does not require care. It can withstand large temperature differences, sunshine and varying humidity. The plant also adorns many kilometres of railway tracks (we wrote about this HERE and HERE), there are already almost 35 kilometres of such tracks.

Green roofs help to purify the air (one green shelter absorbs 7 kg of carbon dioxide per year), store water and can lower the temperature on hot days by up to 5 degrees Celsius. Green roofs also benefit pollinating insects.

source: ZTM Warsaw

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