Murals with dogs. This is the ‘Guardian Angel’ project by Adam Wirski

The doggie murals were designed and created by Adam KRUK Wirski. He described his series as ‘Guardian Angel’. The murals can be seen in various corners of Pabianice

The ‘Guardian Angel’ project is designed to bring smiles to the faces of viewers. The friendly dogs are meant to spread a good aura to the residents and the neighbourhood in which they were created. In the first instance in 2019, Adam Wirski painted a Dog, a few weeks later a second Jack Russel Terrier was created. In 2021, in another part of the city, he painted an Irish Setter. The last dog to appear on the mural in 2022 is a Bulldog

Each of the dogs adorns a different part of Pabianice, the artist’s home town. Adam KRUK Wirski plans for more doggie murals to appear in the future

…so that each neighbourhood will have three Guardian Angels. Unfortunately, I am carrying out the project as a non-profit, in my spare time and with my own materials,” says Adam KRUK Wirski

Where did the idea for the murals with dogs come from? The author has long heard from friends that their dogs are like guardian angels. When they return home after a day’s hard work it is the dog that always greets them with a wagging tail and a licking tongue out of happiness

When I paint portraits of dogs I give everyone a fraction of happiness. I hear from people that they often walk a particular route home or to work only to pass one of the AS (Guardian Angels – editor’s note). This is the best I can hear from people who are often strangers to me,” explains the author of the murals

Adam KRUK Wirski was born in 1983. He graduated from a post-secondary school in advertising. He has been painting for 26 years. At first, he did graffiti at night, not always in legal places. Then he decided to act legally, during the day, so that everyone could see the fruits of his creativity. For the past six years he has been running his company, completing commissions for private clients, small and large companies from a variety of industries

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