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NASA unveiled the supersonic X-59 aircraft, set to change the way we travel

The X-59 supersonic aircraft was designed in collaboration between NASA and Lockheed Martin. Its creators promise to change the way we travel. Despite its enormous speed, the aircraft is very quiet.

The official premiere of the aircraft took place on 12 January in California. Currently, supersonic commercial flights are banned over land in the United States. This is due to the high noise generated by such aircraft. The new machine will be used to conduct tests with the aim of creating the fastest passenger aircraft in the future, which generates significantly less noise.

The X-59 aircraft is 30 metres long and 10 metres wide. It can reach speeds of up to 1,500 km/h. In comparison, the popular passenger Boeing 737 reaches a top speed of more than 800 km/h. The X-59 can therefore fly twice as fast, but less than the famous Concorde aircraft (which reached 2,150 km/h cruising speed).

The speed of the new aircraft was achieved thanks to an innovative design. The X-59 has a distinctive, long and thin beak that tapers towards the end. This design means that the shock wave that causes the noise heard on the ground is dissipated. The sound heard on the ground is supposed to correspond to the volume of a car door closing.

photo NASA/Steve Freeman

The first test flight is expected to take place later this year. During the tests, data will be collected on the sound generated and the report prepared is expected to help lift the ban on commercial supersonic jet flights.

source: Lockheed Martin, NASA

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