New life for a monument. Tenement house 25 in Wrocław with luxury flats

Wrocław is not the only city experiencing a property boom. However, it is historic architecture that is generating more interest than modern construction. For many, history enchanted in architecture is synonymous with prestige and a nod to classic design craftsmanship, which creates timeless spaces with attention to every detail and sensitivity to beauty. Kamienica 25 in Wrocław is one of those places that today, thanks to spectacular revitalisation, can delight anew, setting a new tone in the luxury real estate market

Historic buildings are attracting increasing interest. They are an alternative to new residential buildings whose architecture is not as valuable as that of buildings from centuries ago. One example is Kamienica 25, which is located on Krasińskiego Street in the Oławskie Suburb. It is an architecturally valuable area under the protection of the conservation officer. Thanks to its recent revitalisation, the tenement house can once again evoke admiration. A new chapter in its history was made possible by the investment company 9AND7, which specialises in revitalising architectural gems. How did they manage to restore the splendour of Tenement House 25? One by one

A suburb of history

Most inhabitants of Wrocław may associate Krasińskiego Street with a less frequented part of the city centre, where old buildings are waiting to be rediscovered. During the war, the street – like much of Wrocław – suffered from bombing. However, even this destruction did not allow it to be stripped of its title as one of the city’s most historic streets. Despite the enormouspotential of its historic architecture, for years many of the historic buildings of Przedmieście Oławskie have been deteriorating, waiting for investors to undertake their revitalisation. An example of this is the tenement house at25 Krasińskiego St.built in 1899, which thecompany 9AND7, which from its inception has aimed to make architecture, not construction, reign again in the urban fabric ,has decided to restore to its former glory.

We find space for function and for people – not just inhabitants. The trick is, to do this while also finding a place for beauty. Our approach to business reflects our approach to life,” says Katarzyna Oporska, CEO of 9AND7

The awareness of working with architecturally valuable tissue allowed us to achieve a brilliant result

Tenement25 – luxury with respect for history

The tenement house at 25 Krasińskiego Street – like most historic buildings – suffered during the war period. This is most evident in the shape of the building, whose original form is the aftermath of the complete destruction of almost half of the building as a result of the bombing

The original layout of the building before the destruction. In the central part of the drawing you can see the fold that divides the tenement into the surviving and destroyed part

When embarking on the revitalisation, the aim of the 9AND7 company was to restore the original appearance of the 1899 tenement building, following the design of architect Georg Rzechulka.The investor not only reproduced Rzechulkas spectacular design with artistic precision , butwent a step further – refining it by using materials that further enhanced the architectural prestige of Tenement25. The concrete window sills on the facades were replaced with elegant and durable flamed granite. The original window joinery has been accurately reproduced and upgraded – the soundproofing parameters have been improved, so that residents will enjoy blissful silence inside. The classic ceramic tiles that lined the communal spaces were changed to chic granite and marble. The developer not only restored the shine to the richly decorated wooden staircase in the stairwell, but also upgraded the workmanship by replacing pine with more noble and durable oak. The renovated façade is impressive. It is a showpiece of the tenement, which has become a distinctive point of the entire Krasińskiego Street

The tenement in a photo from 2015, (photo by Arkadiusz Łojek, and a visualisation of the renovated façade

The work not only restored the historic chic of the building, but also succeeded in giving it elegance and luxurious finesse. The company 9AND7 is responsible for the comprehensive revitalisation project and the new look of the building. Despite its years, the historic townhouse has been given a modern twist that bridges the gap between history and the present

Our work goes far beyond the real estate trade. We find space for function and people – not just inhabitants. The trick is, to do this while also finding a place for beauty. We focus on acquiring valuable properties, redesigning them effectively, carrying out renovation and restoration work and putting the property back into use. This entire process is based on a functional and image concept created individually for each property. By putting the property back on the market, we create a new function for it. After all, we create these spaces for people, and their comfort is just as important as the beauty of the building’s history,” adds Katarzyna Oporska, CEO of 9AND7

An exclusive floor in a historic building

Inside ,six large-scale flats havebeen created .This is the only investment of its kind in Wrocław that offers selected floors on an exclusive basis. Four of the flats have anarea of over 230 square metres each, and two have anarea of over 100 square metres. The latter have been located on the first floor.

The flats in Kamienica 25 will be more than 3 metres high. This is not the only homage to classical design. An important element adding to the elegance of the interiors is the preserved original arched form of the window openings and the plaster stucco used in the decorations. What is more, future residents will enjoy the possibility of communing in an environment decorated with precious marble and granite on the floors. The stones have been juxtaposed with modern design – the doors to the flats are an example. The elegant atmosphere of the common areas is given a sculptural wooden finish

Responding to the needs of those interested in smaller sizes, developer 9AND7 has prepared eight flats in the Oficyna, adjacent to the building. This is a building surrounded by greenery and located away from the hustle and bustle of the street. Particularly noteworthy in this section are the two flats located on the top two floors: one is on two levels, while the other is equipped with a mezzanine and additionally has an impressive height of up to 5 metres. This height creates enormous arrangement possibilities

Avant-garde in the centre of Wrocław

Inside, the flats are bright. The largest ones have as many as 18 classic, high windows and balcony doors. The layout of the rooms has also been designed with the most demanding client in mind. The bedrooms have been planned on the west side of the building and are exceptionally quiet thanks to their location away from traffic. In addition, each bedroom comprises a module with a private bathroom. Contact with nature is ensured by as many as three spacious balconies, located in different parts of the flat – in two bedrooms and the living room. A gem among the available units in Kamienica 25 is the attic flat, which is additionally equipped with a huge, 30-square-metre roof terrace

In a nod to modernity, the design concept includes equipping each flat with a ready-made smart home installation to be personalised by the buyer. The developer used a modern underfloor heating system and hotel-type ducted air conditioning. This is important because, thanks to such solutions, future tenants will gain elegant interiors in which heating elements will not be visible. This approach to the revitalisation of tenement houses definitely sets the investment apart

It is interesting to note that the investor has taken care of sensory experiences affecting the senses. To this end, an original design of the lift was created based on phonation, the graphic finish of its walls and an original scent

In this way, we not only transport residents directly into the flats, but also give these moments the illusion of close contact with nature ,” explains 9AND7 CEO Katarzyna Oporska

Katarzyna Oporska

#NotToBuy, or how to sell with emotions

Kamienica 25 in Wrocław is an unconventional development that breaks out of the patterns of traditional premium real estate. The flats will be available to buy with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and the promotion of the units is accompanied by a bold promotional campaign under the slogan #NieDoKupienia. The feisty slogan is more than a perverse play on words. NotToBuy is about the atmosphere of a place, the emotions that come with being in quality and unique spaces, while communing with art

Tenement 25 is now available for those interested in the development. All information about the property can be found at or by contacting the 9AND7 office directly

source: Kamienica 25

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