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Nowy mural. Źródło: MURALL

New mural in Poznań. It has decorated the facade of a tenement house on Zielona Street, which has undergone renovation

The townhouse at 5 Zielona Street has recently undergone a comprehensive renovation. Deveprom’s main objective was to preserve as many historical elements as possible. The building’s 19th-century façade, staircase spaces and corridors were renovated in close cooperation with the Poznan conservation officer. The original wooden floors and elaborate stucco were preserved in many of the premises. The tenement was also enriched with an additional element – a work by the MURALL group, which was created in collaboration with Dorota Piechocińska. This is another recent new mural in Poznań

The building, designed in a historical style, was erected at the end of the 19th century. Due to its location at a crossroads, the design was based on an ‘L’ plan, thus separating the courtyard at its back. During renovation, 39 flats were created in the building. Entrepreneurs were also thought of. Space was arranged to accommodate small offices or law firms. The part of the building facing Za Bramką Street was raised, creating additional living space. There are two staircases in the building – they have a slightly different character. One is decorated with an elaborate staircase, while the other, somewhat simpler in form, begins at the gate passage

A new mural in Poznań. Photo: MURALL

From the windows of the building, one side of the building overlooks Plac Bernardyński – one of the most important places in historical Poznań, whose roots go back to the 15th century, when the Bernardine monastery was built here. On the other hand, the property is surrounded by the greenery of the historic Chopin Park. Chestnuts, lime trees and ash trees climb higher than the roofs of the townhouses, creating an oasis in the city centre. It was on the wall facing this historic site that the mural was created. As its authors, the MURALL group, emphasise, it was quite a challenge

The wall before and after the mural was created. Source: MURALL

It was created in a very specific and difficult location for such a work. The fact that it was a historic space had to be taken into account, so the opinion of the conservation officer had to be taken into account. The surface on which the mural was made was also not easy, as it is practically a fully obscured wall – hence the idea of creating a mural that changes with the seasons. In the summer it is hidden, and in autumn and winter it emerges fully from behind the branches of the trees. Its theme refers to the park for which it is the backdrop. The leitmotif of the project is the fusion and interpenetration of nature and music. The composition consists of vegetation wrapping the wall around, forming a piano-shaped panel in the centre. Hands playing the instrument are placed in the base, alluding to Frederic Chopin, the park’s namesake. The dynamic keys, in their simple form, are intended to allude to the layout of the windows and the rhythm of the neighbouring façade. Hidden in the branches are birds, which, glimpsed between the branches of the trees, blend in with the surroundings. The entire colour scheme has been matched to the location so that they blend harmoniously

The mural is the icing on the cake of the entire renovation of the building

Source: Deveprom,, MURALL, Ilustradora – dorota piechocińska

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Subject: New mural in Poznan. It decorated the facade of a tenement on Zielona Street, which has undergone renovation

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