New square on Księży Młyn in Łódź. They will unveil the former Lamus river!

It will be an attractive space for relaxation. On Księży Młyn in Łódź, the development company T17 will build a new square. Right next to it, the company wants to build residential buildings in the future. In total, the planned square will have an area of 3,000 square metres

The soon-to-be redeveloped area is located opposite Kilinski Park, where the Scheibler railway once ran and the Lamus river flowed, connecting to the Jasień River. The Lamus has been hidden in an underground canal since the early 20th century, but this may soon change

Our commitment is not only to enhance the aesthetics of the public space. We also want to change residents’ and tourists’ perception of this part of the city by providing them with a high quality designed green space and thus fulfilling the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan, which envisages a public square/square at this location, as well as a pedestrian and cycle trail in the footprint of the former railway. We will put a place in the hands of the residents that will be a point of integration, recreation and at the same time become a tourist attraction. In this way, we will create a new meeting and walking place on the water and factory estates,” says Frederic Bojdo, a member of the board of the T17 company

The Łódź City Council is planning to bring the Lamus River to the surface in the next few years

This is an absolutely unique situation and as an investor planning a residential development, we couldn’t imagine not contributing to this change and becoming part of the City’s activities in this area. It seems to us that this could be a model cooperation between the City and business by complementing each other,” adds Frederick Bojdo

The concept of changes was prepared in cooperation with Łódź urban planners and the Environmental Department of the Łódź City Hall. The project was created in the Konior Studio. The designed plot has a trapezoid shape with a length of 130 metres and a width of 30 metres

The following elements were taken into account when creating the concept: a pedestrian and bicycle route, an attempt to recreate the Lamus river, a sculpture or fountain alluding to the history of the place and the main urban dominant of the square, i.e. the planned investment at Tymienieckiego 17. The pedestrian and bicycle route, which is to be the main axis of the square, will be located in the footprint of the former railway, and the Lamus river will be recreated in a gentle depression in the area and will end with a small pond with a paved seating area. Numerous benches will be installed in the square, lounging paddles will be created and aquatic plants and natural elements will complete its character

Greenery is an extremely important issue for us: as the developer, we plan to plant dozens of trees, including large trees, even several metres tall, if this is technically possible. Although this is a non-standard measure, we have consulted with Łódź dendrologists and social scientists. Our discussions included how to most effectively use the space in the square for greenery, whether it would be possible to replant here and how large specimens of trees would ‘feel’ in this place. Also, the species have been pre-selected so that they relate to the vegetation in Kilińskiego Park, and so that the whole area is consistent,” explains Frederic Bojdo

What will the new square look like? Its initial concept will be further developed by the investor in cooperation with the City of Łódź

Silesian architecture studio Konior Studio is responsible for the design of the residential project. The architects have recently received, among others, the Icon of Katowice award of the Supermiast poll, the Grand Prix award of the Mayor of the City of Warsaw or the SARP 2023 Award of the Year. The T17 development company is made up of UNIQUM sp. z o. o, which operates in the area of historic buildings in Łódź, and the listed company Internity S.A., which designs luxury interiors and manages the investment process

source: press materials

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