New UW building in Warsaw. They will build it next to the footbridge

Its design was announced in 2020 as a result of a competition organised by the University of Warsaw and SARP. The winning concept then was prepared by BBGK Architects. The new UW building will be built on Bednarska Street. The University has just opened bids in the tender for the construction of the edifice.

The new UW building will be built for several university units. Among others, the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology will have its premises here. The building will be constructed near the current seat of the Faculty of Journalism. It is an attractive location, close to the boulevards or the new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

The building will offer students and lecturers 15,000 square metres of space. The architects have designed a simple building with strong glazing. Greenery will be an asset – internal gardens with trees will appear within the building. The roof will also be covered with vegetation.

Our design is based on three main values: minimising the carbon footprint, a structure open to the future and improving the quality of human life. We are looking forward to realising these principles on site! – write the architects in a post on their Instagram profile.

The architects’ proposal is respectful of the existing fabric. The new building is in keeping with the university’s other buildings.

The University of Warsaw reports that 10 companies submitted bids in the tender. Each of the offers exceeds the amount the university wants to allocate for the construction. In fact, PLN 128.6 million has been set aside for this purpose, and the cheapest offer was submitted by FineTech Construction, but the amount is PLN 60 million higher than that assumed by the university. The most expensive offer was made by Budimex, which wants to build the edifice for PLN 231 million. As yet, it is unclear what the university will do. There are two solutions: either it will cancel the tender and re-launch it, hoping that the offers will be lower, or it may find new sources of funding. The company constructing the building will have 33 months to complete the task.

In 2020. Second place in the competition was won by a proposal by the WXCA studio (see design HERE), and an honourable mention went to the Atelier Tektura studio (see design HERE).

design: BBGK Architekci(

source: University of Warsaw

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