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Nice Things Fair in Gdańsk on the weekend of 20-21 April

This is the second edition of the event in the Tri-City. The Fair of Nice Things will be held in Gdańsk on the weekend of 20-21 April. The event is more popular every year, both with visitors and exhibitors. The second edition of TR£ TRÓJMIASTO! will feature as many as 350 brands – a record in the entire history of the Fair of Fine Things; the organisers had to rent additional space in the second hall at AMBEREXPO! We will also see two exhibitions – 50 IKON TRŁ and Polish kilims by Splot. It promises to be the design event of the year in the Tri-City.

We couldn’t wait to return with Polish design to Gdańsk! Last year was great – the debut of TRŁ on the Baltic Sea was visited by as many as 10,000 people. Now the interest is even greater – 350 stands is a record in the history of the Fair of Nice Things. And what stands! This edition promises to be excellent – even bigger, even more interesting and even more in the style of TR£! Great brands – who’s waiting for Trzask Ceramics! – the best creators and the unmistakable energy of TR£ – it’s simply a must-see! – say TRŁ organisers Ajka Mroczkowska, Anna Pruszyńska and Paweł Stremski.

The Fair of Nice Things is Poland’s largest fair of independent design, which for 10 years has been changing Poland for a little nicer and winning the hearts of lovers of good design, design, illustration, interior design and all those who simply like nice things. TRŁ is a careful selection of the most interesting brands – many of which win awards at Polish and international design festivals. But the Fair of Nice Things is not only about shopping and inspiration, but, above all, about the amazing atmosphere and energy for which TRŁ is visited by an audience of many thousands and because of which the event has attained cult status.

350 exhibitors and 10 zones! PLACES – to the horizon! CERAMICS – only the best! FURNITURE, TEXTILES, WELLNESS and much more!

The second edition of TR£ TRÓJMIASTO! will delight exhibitors from all over Poland, who often cannot be found at any other events. The zone with PLACES AND ILLUSTRATIONS promises to be impressive – it will be the largest presentation of contemporary Polish posters in the Tricity this year. Among the exhibitors there will be such stars as: a pair of outstanding illustrators and designers ADA ZIELIŃSKA and PATRYK HARDZIEJ, ADAM KOSIK, who created a premiere series of illustrations with symbols of Tricity architecture, JUSTYNA FRĄCKIEWICZ, PAULA DUDEK, ADELA MADEJ, MACIEK POLAK, PRZEMEK SOKOŁOWSKI and over 50 other top names. A true representation of Polish illustrators and illustrators and the only chance to meet them in such a line-up in one place. And on each stand original and signed works. In addition to posters, at TRŁ you will also find original notebooks, planners and books – from PAPIER PLUS DRUK, CURATED PAPER or WYDAWNICTWA ZNAK.

Adam Kosik – Hala Olivia

The CERAMICS AND GLASS zone is the pride of TRŁ. As huge as it is diverse and full of the best artists and studios. It always dazzles and attracts. In Gdansk, for the first time, there will be the much-loved TRZASK CERAMICS brand, which is a Polish Instagram phenomenon and whose products at the fair disappear to the last piece. There will also be the Hadaki studio from Poznań, whose ceramic figurines are already classics of contemporary Polish design. A highlight will be the amazing ceramic lamps by KIKI LEGGERO, artistic and witty plates from VERY UGLY STUDIO, minimalist tableware by WESKY STUDIO, which can be found in the best restaurants in Poland, and sophisticated ceramic accessories from KYUKA DESIGN. The ceramics alley stretching through the centre of the hall will satisfy fans of all styles – there will be minimalist and decorative, a frenzy of colours and calm pastels, modern and classic. There will also be excellent glassware – the NOT BAD STUDIO stand promises to be great – their colourful glasses, lamps and bowls have been a phenomenon in recent months – we anticipate a quick “sell out”.

The Nice Things Fair also features FURNITURE, LAMPS AND TEXTILES from boutique Polish brands. The Tri-City debut of HOGAI – their colourful steel mirrors and furniture are a phenomenon – and the stands of companies such as DESIVA, Poznań’s MIUFORM, Gdańsk’s DAPPO and Wrocław’s WOOD & PAPER look set to be great. The debut of ETRE, a brand combining mirrors with various forms of stone, is sure to attract the attention of lovers of good design. There will also be original lamps in various styles – the more classic ones from UNITED WOOD ITEMS, colourful lanterns from JUICY PASTELS, as well as those created using the 3D printing method – we guarantee that you will be delighted with the unusual colourful designs of the Łódź studio YAM YEST DESIGN or the Tricity-based OBJ DESIGNED. Do not miss the stand of the RONDIN brand either – their amazing lamps made of used glass gave them the title of TR£ DEBIUTE OF THE YEAR. It is a fair “must see”!


In total, at TR³ TRÓJMIASTO! you will find almost 350 exhibitors from 10 thematic areas. In addition to FURNITURE, LAMPS, PLASTERS and CERAMICS, AMBEREXPO will feature TEXTILES, ACCESSORIES, WELLNESS PRODUCTS, ECO-FRIENDLY COSMETICS, BABELUTERY and PRODUCTS FOR CHILDREN AND DELI – an area with delicatessen and artisanal preserves and spirits from Polish manufactures, including, for the first time in Gdańsk, the colourful MOD Donuts, which have already become a symbol of TRŁ.

50 Icons of TRŁ, magnificent Polish kilims, GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS and a meeting with Katarzyna Bellingham

The Fair of Nice Things is not only about shopping, but also about exhibitions and inspiration. In Gdańsk, for the first time we will see a show of the phenomenon of Polish kilims, namely an exhibition of hand-woven kilims by SPLOT. The AMBEREXPO will feature stunning kilims by Zofia Stryjeńska, contemporary, award-winning designs by Zofia Strumiłło, Edgar Bąk and – for the first time in all three versions! – the most popular Polish kilim of the 21st century, the ‘Świt’ by Piotrk Niklas.

Visitors to TRÓJMIASTO! will also be able to see an exhibition of extraordinary photographs of 50 Icons of TRŁ, i.e. 50 of the most important brands and artists of the last decade, selected on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Fair of Fine Things. The result of the plebiscite is a unique photo session realised by Ernest Wińczyk and Koka Skowrońska from the Wunderkamera studio in Warsaw.

We also invite you to meetings – on Sunday at 1 p.m. KATARZYNA BELLINGHAM – a gardener from Gdańsk, passionate and propagator of natural gardening methods – will meet with the public. Greenery designer, owner of an ecological demonstration garden in Zgorzał in the Kashubian region. And above all, author of the book “The Bellingham Garden. How to grow a garden in harmony with nature’, which became one of the bestselling books on gardening in Poland in 2023.

On the same day at 3 p.m., TRŁ together with GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS invite you to a meeting during which the designers who will create this year’s MANUBA 2024 collection – objects designed and produced especially for the Gdynia Design Days festival – will be revealed and introduced. All will be revealed this weekend!

Mamaville at TRÓJMIASTO! – a paradise for children and parents!

This weekend at AMBEREXPO, the Fair of Nice Things will be accompanied by the excellent Mamaville fair – Poland’s most popular fair for mums and babies. This is one of the best events for parents and children in Poland, which will present more than 40 stands with products for the youngest and a play zone with inflatables and attractions, where children and parents will not be bored.

All this will take place on Saturday and Sunday 20-21 April at AMBEREXPO in Gdańsk. The fair opens on Saturday punctually at 11.00 a.m. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at Ebilet.pl or at the box offices before the entrance. Celebrate Polish design with us! Whole families are welcome! Let it be the prettiest weekend this spring in the Tri-City!

TRICITY! – the largest design fair on the Baltic Sea

20-21 April

AMBEREXPO, 11 Żaglowa St., Gdańsk

11 am – 7 pm

One-day ticket: 15 PLN

Children under 12 years free admission

Online tickets: https://www.ebilet.pl/biznes/targi/trl-targi-rzeczy-ladnych

Media patrons: TOK FM, Gazeta.pl, Trójmiasto.pl, Radio Gdańsk, PLN Design, Domosfera.pl, Bryla.pl, STGU, Magazif, WhiteMAD

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source: Targi Rzeczy Ładnych (targirzeczyladnych.pl)

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