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What can be expected from the next edition of the event? We are publishing an interview with Agnieszka Pilars, organiser and coordinator of the HOME Window Design and Arrangement Fair.

You once mentioned in an interview that you are constantly amazed by the beauty of interiors, decorations that give interiors a certain style, flavour and character..

And this has not changed. This admiration for every detail that goes into an interior design accompanies me every day, at work and in my private life. I love beautiful objects, fabrics, furniture. I admire their texture, spatial compositions. I am fascinated by the history of their creation. It is a passion that has turned into a profession that I have been practising for over twenty years.

You are the publisher of trade magazines and the organiser of the HOME Fair. What prompted you to pursue this venture?

As someone who is closely involved in the interior design industry, I am very familiar with the specifics of trade fairs. I have taken part in countless such events – as an exhibitor, consultant or guest. There have been times when I have returned from them tired and disappointed, with my expectations dashed. The multi-sectoral large events were overwhelming in their scale, organised for everyone and no one.

Hence the idea of a “tailor-made” HOME Fair?

I knew what I myself would like to participate in. To feel noticed and have the opportunity to notice others. To come up, to talk, to have a coffee together, to touch the fabrics, to see their colours live, to feel the texture of the fibres in my fingers. This has to be experienced and I have to have the time to linger with a customer who offers something I am curious about. That’s why I decided to move away from large spaces and large numbers of participants and organise an intimate, one could even say boutique event with a profiled, 100% trade audience – architects, interior decorators, professionals working with fabric on a daily basis, window and interior decoration and styling studios, shops or furniture manufacturers.

And this is not the first time?

That’s right. The fourth edition of the HOME Fair will take place in February www.targihome.pl. For the third time I would like to invite exhibitors and visitors to Ożarów Mazowiecki, to the MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel **** This is the place where we hosted both the autumn and spring editions of our fairs last year. This year we will also be taking over the conference and exhibition space of this unique hotel complex.

I understand that MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel **** has met your expectations as the organiser of an event whose theme is the beauty of interiors?

Absolutely yes, but importantly, the expectations of the participants of the HOME Fair were not met either. What convinced the guests was the excellent service of the Mazurkas Hotel, the large, free car park and the excellent communications. It is easy to get here from Okęcie Airport, as well as its location only 6 km from Warsaw, in close proximity to the A2 and S8 motorway exits, which guarantees comfort and easy access from all over Poland, without the need to drive through the crowded centre of the capital.

And what, in your opinion, convinces participants to take part in the next editions of the HOME Fair? There are companies that participate in every event and announce their participation in its next editions. This is undoubtedly a great success for you as the organiser of this event.

The measure of success of this type of event has many aspects. Attendance and regular participants certainly do, but let us remember that the specificity of the HOME Fair is its individual, intimate character based on networking. We create a friendly atmosphere so that our guests feel at home, so that they have time and opportunity to establish relations, show their products, but also see other companies’ offers, talk about details of the latest collections or the situation in the industry, exchange opinions.

Speaking of news, will there be any new touches to the event formula?

To this question I am happy to answer that, of course, yes. The HOME Fair is not only an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products. It is also a place and a time to present innovative trends and solutions, get acquainted with the directions of window and interior design and arrangements current for the coming season. Therefore, a new element of the event will be free lectures by experts in the interior design industry, taking place during the first day, i.e. 28 February. The topics are currently being clarified, so I don’t want to go into details.

What do you wish for the upcoming trade fair?

Usually, one wishes good luck, but you can wish me delight in the beauty that will soon fill the fair space.

So I wish that the next edition of HOME Fair will delight not only you, but also the participants and visitors. Thank you for the interview!

source: press materials www.targihome.pl

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