Palermo: exemplary reconstruction of the destroyed wing of the palace. 80 years ago it was hit by a bomb

Palazzo Ugo delle Favare in Piazza Bologni in the heart of Palermo was a mute witness to the events of 80 years ago, when a rain of bombs rained down on the city. The partially demolished monument was rebuilt very superficially, without reconstructing the rich decoration of the façade. In 2023, the palace underwent renovation, during which the façade of the wing damaged during World War II was reconstructed. Now the historic edifice looks as it did a century ago

The work was carried out under the watchful eye of architects Filippo and Francesco Terranova, who managed the work together with Presedil. CusenzaMarmi forged all the tuff elements of the right-hand part of the façade, destroyed during the tragic bombing of 1943

The palace after the restoration. Photo: Architettura in Rivolta

The first step was to digitise in 3D all the elements of the existing façade, reflecting those that had been destroyed. This made it possible to design new tuff elements to blend in perfectly with the original ones. The new elements were then created using computerised machinery and finished by hand by master sculptors from CusenzaMarmi. The renovation of the façade of Palazzo Ugo delle Favare in Piazza Bologni in Palermo was a complex and demanding project, but also a very rewarding one that received unanimous praise and positive evaluation from professionals and ordinary citizens alike

Palazzo Ugo delle Favare before and after the reconstruction of the wing and the renovation of the façade. Photo: Architettura in Rivolta

Palazzo Ugo delle Favare before and after the reconstruction of the wing and the renovation of the façade. Photo: Architettura in Rivolta

Palazzo Ugo delle Favare is a jewel located in the heart of Palermo, famous for its centuries-old history and culture. Its history began in the 17th century. In 1615, the Dukes of Castiglione purchased and combined three neighbouring townhouses to create a grand edifice worthy of their family’s stature. Just two generations later, the palace passed into the hands of the Filangeri di San Marco. At the beginning of the 18th century, Don Vincenzo Ugo, a lawyer descended from a family from Agrigento and president of the Grand Court, purchased the palace and embarked on a radical reconstruction, including the creation of a richly decorated façade with three entrances, which we can still admire today

Piazza Bologni – early 20th century – in the background Palazzo Ugo delle Favare in its pre-war state. Photo:


In 1943, the place that for centuries formed the architectural backdrop of Piazza Bologni was hit by an aerial bomb – one of the many that fell on the Sicilian capital that tragic year. As well as killing over a thousand people, it caused invaluable material damage to the historic fabric of the city. The bomb explosion that fell on the Palazzo Ugo delle Favare caused the collapse of a large part of the right wing, which housed the ballroom, and more than a third of the façade. As a result, despite partial reconstruction, traces of the terrible event remained visible for eight decades. In 2023, Palazzo Ugo delle Favare underwent a restoration process to restore it to its former glory. The building’s owners obtained permission from the Palermo Cultural Heritage Authority to carry out the work, additionally benefiting from a grant

The restoration of the palazzo was the impetus for the redevelopment of the entire historic Piazza Bologni, one of the most beautiful in Palermo. Palazzo Ugo delle Favare is one of the most characteristic buildings that make up this picturesque square. Its complex history and war scars add to the unique charm of this historic building, which is a witness to Palermo’s rich past. Thanks to a recent restoration, the palace will continue to endure as an integral part of this beautiful Italian city


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