Polish brand Hogai. They combine Bauhaus and Memphis style in their furniture

Hogai is a new Polish brand with a group of creative people behind it. The products in their portfolio are aimed at aesthetically conscious and bold consumers who are not afraid of colour. Mirrors, tables or shelves are designed with inspiration from Bauhaus and Memphis style

All products are designed and manufactured in Poland. The brand’s range includes spectacular standing mirrors, with deep spatial frames, in eleven colour variants. An example is the mirrors of the PLAYER series, which, when placed against the wall, have a utilitarian and decorative function. The creators admit with a smile that they were created to “reflect a rich personality”. And there is plenty to reflect! The frame is 225 cm high, 100 cm wide and 9 cm deep. This is plenty of space to colourfully decorate the aforementioned recess. The mirrors are made of powder-coated steel and weigh 75 kg. The mirrors in the DRUMMER series, on the other hand, are designed to hang on the wall. They have a minimalist design with a round panel inscribed in a square frame, which also has colourful decorations on the sides. In addition to mirrors, the Hogai range also includes cheerful shelves and graphic minimalist stools, coffee tables, hangers and textiles – blankets and cushions. The latter are especially worth snuggling up with on chilly evenings. Without a doubt, the brand’s strength is colour and expressive form!

The PIANIST STOOL is a small object that accentuates the aesthetic taste of its owners. The furniture has a simple and honest form. Devoid of ornamentation, it will look good for many years. Its slightly larger brother is a coffee table with a similar shape. Each product is available in eleven colour variants, all united by an expressive form that gives energy to the interior

Hogai was born out of a love of design and beautiful spaces. Its creators are inspired by the visual worlds of Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar films, full of original forms, expressive and bold. The brand’s mission is to build inspiring spaces that bring a sense of joy to everyday life. The creators of Hogai believe in the power of colour. Their products are meant to represent the personality, boldness and character of the owners. Hogai’s first collection perfectly reflects the brand’s values. It opposes the dominance of grey, beige and monochrome spaces

Photo by Hogai

I was tired of the monotony of the monochromatic interiors. At Hogai, we were looking for expression in simple but expressive forms. I want Hogai to be an inspiring brand, first and foremost so we offer unique designs full of life and colour. But we also want the visual world we create to arrest, delight and invite creative thinking and change. We want our products to allow us to express ourselves, we want them to please and impress,” says Patrycja Bruź-Soniewicka, CEO & Creative Director of Hogai

This year, Hogai has launched its image campaign – ‘Things to smile about’. It is based on a concept that accommodates two aspects – it shows the intimacy of people’s relationship with the objects/furniture they live with every day, but also the function of the products – how people use them when they are alone. Hogai’s first campaign invites customers into a colourful, aesthetically interesting world where characters express who they are without restraint. The strategy and creative concept were developed in collaboration with Mateusz Wojcik. Charlotte Tomaszewska is responsible for the creative execution, and the graphic design was prepared by Adam Kieres. The photographs were taken by Kasia Bielska. Styling was prepared by Charlotte Tomaszewska and Ula Żelaznowska. Hogai is responsible for the production

Hogai supplies its products in Poland and Europe. They are available at the brand’s online shop: www.hogai.store

photos: Hogai

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Below we publish images from Hogai’s brand image campaign – “Things to smile about”

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