They have opted for power and safety. The BMW 5 Series and its most powerful electric version

BMW’s 5 Series can confidently be described as the most classic in the Bavarian corporation’s portfolio. With its elegant design, premium finish and modern solutions hidden under the bonnet, this model has a multitude of fans all over the world. This time the addition to the new generation is the first all-electric model, and the BMW i5 M60 is its most powerful variant

The new electric “five” was created for conscious customers who want to have a sense of impact on the world around them.The all-electric powertrain offers the same driving fun as models equipped with a petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine

The Bavarian manufacturer’s latest limousine is slightly larger than its predecessors. Its length has increased by 97 mm, its width by 32 mm and its height by 36 mm. The wheelbase has also been increased by two centimetres. The larger dimensions translate into a feeling of comfort and space inside. BMW designers and engineers have additionally opted for an elegant and minimalist design. The car has a smoothed silhouette, concealed door handles and well-balanced body proportions

Inside, the manufacturer has reduced the number of physical buttons in favour of digital solutions. Many of the controls are now on touchscreens. The latter give access to many practical functions. We wrote more about what technological innovations are used in the new 5 Series models HERE

Driving pleasure without compromise

The car is equipped with fifth-generation BMW xDrive. Now for some technical data. The BMW i5 M60 xDrive has an energy consumption on a combined cycle of: 20.6-18.2 kWh/100 km. The whole thing is powered by a 601 hp engine. Maximum torque is 820 Nm, allowing the car to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.8 sec. The manufacturer has electronically limited the speed to 230 km/h. Such a specification testifies to the immense possibilities and this while maintaining acoustic comfort while driving

The car’s software will help indicate the optimum route. On longer journeys, thanks to theeRoute function ,we can plan the route so that the charging stops, which are located in the BMW Maps database, can be determined while driving. The software will calculate the remaining energy and suggest where to take a break to recharge the battery. There are several ways tocharge

Fast charging

TheBMW Charging service allows you to charge your car throughout Europe in a public network with more than 565,000 charging points. A charging cable (type 3) is provided with the vehicle and payments can be made using the BMW Charging card. The car can be successfully recharged at home. A BMW Wallbox Station has just been developed for this purpose, which takes up very little space and allows energy to be safely topped up overnight, for example. The current charging status can be quickly checked on your phone via the My BMW app.

The car can be charged using alternating current, while direct current can be charged with 205 kW. What does this mean in practice? The state of charge of the BMW i5 battery can be increased from 10 to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes. With a fully charged battery, it is possible to cover between 455 and 516 kilometres. With theMAX RANGEfunction, on the other hand , the range can be increased by up to 25 per cent. This is achieved by limiting power and speed and switching off comfort functions. This is a useful solution to avoid stressful situations if we are far from the charging point

In the care of specialists

TheProactive Careservice is also worth mentioning . This is a platform that connects the manufacturer with drivers, who can receive assistance in the event of a breakdown. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the car monitors the condition of individual components and signals the likelihood of impending problems. Through the My BMW app, service appointments can be made with just a few clicks on the phone. This service gives you a sense of security and control over your car – you can check the engine oil level, tyre pressure or brake fluid yourself.

Vegan interior

The BMW i5 M60 exemplifies the change towards sustainability. The car’s interior is fully vegan – this applies to the seat upholstery, dashboard, door sides, steering wheel and seats. This is the first model from the brand to offer such a finish as standard. The manufacturer has used Veganza, a vegan material that resembles leather in both texture and feel

Despite the eco-friendly solutions, vegan materials and electric drive, there is no doubt that we are dealing with a BMW. The brand has accustomed us to high quality, high power and driving comfort.The new generation of the 5 Series is a strong chapter in the brand’s history


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