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Renovation of grandstands on the New Motława in Gdańsk. We have visualisations!

The renovation of the grandstands on the New Motława River in Gdańsk involves the revitalisation of green areas, as well as the renovation of the descents and viewing stands. This is the second of the public investments being made as part of an ongoing Public-Private Partnership project aimed at the extensive revitalisation of the Lower Town district. Previously, the PPP has already seen the construction of an all-access, multifunctional pitch at Primary School No. 65.

Renovation of viewing stands on the banks of the New Motława river

Eight viewing platforms are currently being refurbished in the Lower Town, along with access to the banks of the New Motława. The sites will be used, for example, for observing water sports or relaxation. Looking from the bird’s eye view of Toruńska Street crossing the water, 5 of the stands are located on the side of Kamienna Grobla Street and 3 on the side of Dobra Street. This will be a modern, very attractive recreational area that will allow people to spend time comfortably and conveniently by the water. These sites will be used primarily by local residents, but probably also by tourists relaxing in Gdańsk.

The scope of works to be carried out as part of the investment includes, among others: the removal of damaged layers of concrete on the platforms, the dismantling of stairs, the construction of a new reinforced concrete slab on the platforms and the construction of new stairs and steps, the dismantling and construction of new reinforced concrete retaining walls delimiting each of the stands or the renovation of the existing balustrade. In addition, new landscaping in the form of benches and seats will be made.

A viewing platform and treehouses on each grandstand

A viewing platform will be built on each of the grandstands, which will also allow people with disabilities and reduced mobility, as well as parents of young children in pushchairs, to use these seats. There will also be tall greenery. One tree/treehouse each has been planned – in the large holes made in the surface concrete, the newly planted trees will be able to grow with access to the natural soil in these areas.

Revitalising the areas along the New Motława. What work will be carried out?

This is not the end of the changes in this part of Gdańsk. This is the first stage of works covering the revitalisation of areas along the New Motława. The next stages will involve renovating the pedestrian and cycle route on the crest of the embankment, along Kamienna Grobla street and its extension on the other side of Torunska street, along Dobra street. In these sections of the route, a tree avenue will also be created, a so-called linear park containing, among other things, tall greenery. In total, more than 50 new trees will be planted there, as well as many new plantings of low greenery and flower meadows. There will also be recreational islands with benches and bike racks, which will be surrounded by greenery and facing the water. How do you like the idea of renovating the grandstands on the New Motława?

source: UM Gdańsk / https://www.gdansk.pl/
photos: GGI Lower City / https://dolnemiasto.com.pl/

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