Results of the 3rd edition of the Pfleiderer Interior of the Year Competition. Here are the best projects!

The 3rd edition of the Interior of the Year competition, organised by Pfleiderer, has been decided! Out of almost 500 submissions, the jury selected five winners – the first, second and third places on the podium and awarded two distinctions. Who was in the honourable group of winners?

The Pfleiderer Interior of the Year competition identifies the most interesting projects in which products from the Mood Stories and Mood Stories Comfort Collection were used. The collection is very popular among architects because of the wide range of available decors and products, as well as compliance with current trends. Not surprisingly, the competition receives more and more entries with each successive edition. This year, selecting the winners was no easy task, as the five best designs had to be chosen from almost 500 entries. This task was undertaken by a jury consisting of: Maja Ganszyniec (respected interior designer, founder of the Nurt brand), Małgosia Czyńska (Journalist, art and design critic), Justyna Smolec (Co-owner of architektura&design office), Mateusz Bartkowiak (Marketing & PR Manager CAD Projekt), media representatives – Anna Grużewska (Editor-in-Chief of Czas na Wnętrze) and Marcin Szczelina (Editor-in-Chief of Archisnob), as well as representatives of Pfleiderer – Aldona Słapa- Nowacka (Design & Product Marketing Manager Pfleiderer), Aneta Cłapka (Product Manager Pfleiderer) and Małgorzata Kozak (Product Manager Pfleiderer).

Below we present the winners. Here are the winners!

Thefirst place was won by the Arrangement of Reminiscence and Avant-garde – a flat for a couple, designed by Martyna Jaworska, who runs the Ma.Sphera studio. For the visualisation, the designer suggested four decors from the Mood Stories collection, which were placed in different spaces throughout the flat – Legno Bright R48026, Willow White R55072, Horizon U18029 and Crystal White U11026.

Second place is the realisation of the interior of the Milestone Fabryczna dormitory. The project was designed by Kuryłowicz & Associates in collaboration with Małgorzata Tomaszewska and Anita Leydo. The design uses a palette of decors to build a friendly and cosy student interior. The main decors used are Oil-Oiled Oak R20348 as well as Volcanic Black U12000 and Black Onyx U12001, complemented by Opaque White W10410.

Third place went to architect Olga Skałka of HOST Design, for her design of the kitchen area, in which she used three decors from the Mood Stories collection – Labrador U19008, Okapi Walnut R30135 and Calacatta Marble S63054. The visualisation of the kitchen design combines minimalism with a touch of stoneware elegance.

Pfleiderer Interior of the Year. Awarded projects

Two distinctions were also awarded in this year’s edition. One for the design of the kitchen area, in which the UltraFit ultra-thin worktop was used – Pfleiderer’s latest product, which premiered in the middle of last year. The award in this category went to architect Yauheni Baturytski of the Yauheni Baturytski Swiborg studio. For his Twin Peaks kitchen concept, he used the UltraFit ultra-thin worktop and a headboard in the Abruzzo Colore SS68048 décor, accompanied by the Burgundy U17054 and the Subdued Blue U18001 decors.

The second prize was awarded in the Young Designer category. This was the first time Pfleiderer had invited architecture students to participate in the competition in order to identify promising young designers. The award in this category went to Patrycja Dorczak, for her design of the living area in a single-family house. In the completed interior, the decor used was Lancelot Oak R20027 from the Mood Stories collection, in the laminate board and worktop.

With this, the third edition of the Pfleiderer Interior of the Year Competition came to an end. We would like to congratulate all the winners, and we will soon introduce the winning projects and their authors. We encourage other participants to follow our SoMe channels and website, where we will publish the most interesting projects submitted to the competition on an ongoing basis.

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First place, Apartment for a couple, designer: Martyna Jaworska:

Second place, Milestones dormitory, designer: Kuryłowicz & Associates and Małgorzata Tomaszewska, Anita Leydo:

3rd place, Kitchen area design, designer: Olga Skałka:

Distinction, Kitchen area design, designer: Yauheni Baturytski:

Distinction, Living area in the house, designer: Patrycja Dorczak:

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