Shows time without interruption. New sundial in Krakow

The sundial was designed by Alek Rokosz. Its official unveiling will take place on 18 November at the Grand Army Square of Napoleon in Krakow. ZS24 is a sundial that is powered by light. Although it measures hours, its main purpose is to raise awareness of how quickly moments pass and to allow people to stop and appreciate how precious time is

No one looks at city clocks anymore. Why raise your eyes when we can check the most accurate atomic time by reaching into our own pockets? A clock for the busy 21st century should, above all, make you aware of the passing time, says Alek Rokosz, the clock’s author

the 24-hour sundial ZS24 is sundial version 2.0. Just like the classic sundial, it shows the passage of time based on the apparent movement of the sun and the shadow it casts. However, several innovations have been introduced

During the day, the installation actively accumulates solar energy in order to return it in its most natural state – in the form of a beam of light – after dark. When the sun goes down and the gnomon’s shadow disappears, a ray of light appears in its place, continuing to travel across the dial to show the exact solar time. The sphere placed at the top of the gnomon is a symbolic miniature sun. It lights up with its own light when the real sun sets behind the horizon. The luminous sphere floats in the air and, like a fire, attracts the attention of passers-by.

The precise laser mechanism, responsible for the emission of the light ray and its movement around the clock in accordance with solar time, has been securely placed under the rim of the clock.

The clock consists of several removable parts, which makes it easy to transport. The gnomon, because of its unique organic form, was cast and the dial plates were laser-cut in bronze. Thanks to the use of bronze, it was possible to obtain a beautiful dark shade of the clock with a natural bluish discolouration. In addition, it is a precious metal that will stand the test of time and weather conditions well. In contrast to the patinated bronze, elements of golden, polished brass have also been introduced, which, like rays of sunlight, bring the dial to life. Both of these alloys are also a reference to the materials of old Krakow.

designed by Alek Rokosz(

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