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Silja and Norbert Beck, one of Germany’s most acclaimed contemporary designers, had their first opportunity to personally introduce their unusual design philosophy to a Polish audience. on 19 October, the founders of the Beck Design studio gave a lecture at the Domoteka Design Centre, during which they talked about their many years of working together and the complex, artisanal process behind each of their designs. The meeting was the next instalment of the ‘Design Star for Domoteka’ series

On Thursday 19 October, the Domoteka Design Centre once again became a space for meeting exceptional designers and a place for an inspiring exchange of professional knowledge and experience. The guests of this year’s ‘Design Star for Domoteka’ were Silja and Norbert Beck, winners of, among others, the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award, founders of the Beck Design studio and some of the most respected contemporary German designers. During the lecture, Silja and Norbert Beck introduced the audience to the stories behind their most recognisable designs and talked about the multi-stage, artisanal process that takes place from the first sketch on paper. The lecture and discussion with the designers was accompanied by a presentation of miniature models of their furniture, made with extraordinary care, and a cross-sectional exhibition of concepts from the Beck Design dash. This was the first meeting of the designers with a Polish audience in their long career

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Silja and Norbert Beck founded their own studio in 1998 and have since worked together to create their furniture, which is renowned for its elegant, timeless design and extraordinary attention to detail. During a lecture given at the Domoteka Design Centre, the designer couple talked about how craftsmanship and precise, hands-on artistic practice are an important element of their work, which manifests itself at every stage of the design process: in the first sketches, later drawings, personally made miniature models of furniture and full-size prototypes that are created in their own studio. All of this extraordinary passion can be seen in every detail of the Beck Design studio’s signature furniture

The creators also talked about their many years of professional experience. Initially, Silja and Norbert Beck designed a variety of furnishings, but over time, with their collaboration with the luxury brand Rolf Benz, their speciality became upholstered furniture, particularly sofas. Over 30 years, the designers have created many acclaimed designs for the brand. An indispensable part of Beck Design’s identity is also the unusual philosophy that manifests itself both in the design work and in the lives of Norbert and Silja Beck. This is because the duo run their studio in the south of Germany, near Lake Constance, far from the hustle and bustle of large urban centres. It is there, in the immediate surroundings of nature, that the Becks have developed their own unhurried rhythm that permeates their life and creative work. The guests at Domoteka could therefore hear about the role played by sustainability in the Becks’ design practice, but also about the couple’s shared passion, which is sailing – bringing them peace-filled silence and time for reflection. It is nature, the designers say, that is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for them

Design Star for Domoteka

Silja and Norbert Beck’s lecture is the next instalment of the Design Star for Domoteka event – a series that is a special project for us. Every year, we try to invite exceptional artists with a unique perspective on design to our space and bring their work closer to the Polish audience, while also providing an opportunity for inspiring meetings between professionals from the domestic creative industry. The fact that this year’s event was so popular is an extraordinary motivation for us to continue our activities aimed at male and female designers,” says Agata Brzezińska, Head of CEE from Pradera, the owner of Domoteka

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