Simple and legible. New street name plates in Gdynia

The fact that new street name boards will be appearing in Gdynia has been announced by the local Roads and Greenery Authority. Their installation has just begun

Street nameplates and pylons are an element affecting the visual perception of the city. The Landscape Resolution in Gdynia, which has been in force for several days (we wrote about it HERE), thanks to which mottled and illegal advertisements will disappear from the city, and the replacement of street name plates will simply make the city look better

New street name boards have appeared on Zwycięstwa Avenue in Gdynia. Their installation marks the beginning of a campaign to unify the boards of the Urban Identification System. The aim of the action is to put the urban space in order. All boards and pylons in the city will be replaced

The City Identification System (SIM) comprises the entire system of labelling e.g. streets and buildings. It is thanks to it that it is easier to determine one’s location within the city and to navigate the streets. A clear system is important for both residents and tourists. The system was developed in 2010, but the boards to be installed will follow a uniform design. Currently, there are three types of street name signs in the city: blue and white, white and red (enamelled) and white and red (made according to SIM design). The latter will appear throughout the city

The street nameplates that we want to use throughout Gdynia relate in colour to the post-war street markings – there are red letters on a white background. Such boards were installed in the city centre in previous years, and they will also be systematically replaced in other parts of our city – most recently such work has been carried out on Zwycięstwa Avenue. The aim is to put the public space in order,” stresses Marek Łucyk, Gdynia’s Deputy Mayor for Development

At Zwycięstwa Avenue alone, 35 street signs had to be replaced and nine posts had to be installed. Replacing these elements cost PLN 40,000. What will happen to the removed boards? The three old boards that were removed from the alley will go to the collection of the Gdynia City Museum

In the near future, the missing street name boards in Śródmieście (City Centre) will be supplemented or replaced, and in subsequent stages we will carry out work in other locations. Some of the boards on Morska Street have also recently undergone renovation. Soon, the last signs will be completed there and the entire Morska Street will be marked in a uniform and orderly way – says Michał Felon, Director of the Roads and Greenery Management Board in Gdynia

Employees of the Roads and Greenery Management Board in Gdynia have also replaced the directional pylon on Piłsudskiego Avenue. There are 18 old directional pylons in the city, which will be replaced by new ones made according to the SIM project

photo: M. Mielewski

source: Road and Greenery Management in Gdynia

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