SUPERFLY Wine in Warsaw. A small venue with original décor

Its design was carried out by architect Oskar Firek. SUPERFLY Wine is a bar and shop located in Warsaw’s Powiśle district in the Moderna Powiśle development on Zajęcza Street.The minimalist interior is dark and elegant and provides a backdrop for the tasty drinks

SUPERFLY Wine bar is just 35 sq m in size. Its décor is a combination of eclecticism and austerity inspired by the minibars popular in Scandinavia. In total, the premises consist of a guest room, toilets, bar and kitchen facilities. Oskar Firek worked on the existing functional layout, which was made by the developer

The architect designed the walls, ceiling and floor as a minimalist shell, which he filled with eccentric accessories and vintage-style furniture. The tiles laid on the floor are mostly grey, and their monotony is broken by others on which black geometric figures can be seen. A sparing expression can also be seen on the walls, which are decorated only with clay plaster. The intention was to be austere and neutral. It worked

The small size of the space posed a challenge. Thanks to compromises, the designer was able to accommodate the necessary furniture and objects. Guests can sit on the sofa, in a larger group at the tables, at the bar or alone in the window

A colourful departure is the toilet. The bold colours definitely make the room stand out. The green walls are decorated with a mirror with a thick, purple frame that resembles a blob of spilled wine


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