Tenement house at 47 Śniadeckich Street in Wrocław after renovation

Work has been completed, thanks to which the tenement house at 47 Śniadeckich Street in Wrocław has gained new life. The developer, Ekdom company, has thoroughly renovated the building from the outside, and has taken care of the historic interior.

The works were comprehensive. The investment included deepening the basement, replacing the ceilings, making new doorways, replacing the structure and roof sheathing. The latter part occupies as many as two levels of the tenement. As a result, the tenement house in the Zacisze residential area of Wrocław is once again a joy to behold.

The building at 47 Śniadeckich Street was designed by Walter Franzky. The large building actually consists of two twin houses. Its characteristic elements are the ornaments – including balconies on the north side, terraces on the south side and bay windows.

The building had been waiting for renovation for many years. Its poor technical condition meant that the tenants were evicted in 2008. The neighbouring building, which is located at number 45, was 60 per cent owned by the city. Five years ago, officials managed to sell the building. The investor planned to carry out renovations, but all works had to take place in consultation with the conservation officer. According to wroclaw.pl, the renovation work did not take place at the time, and the valuable remains inside became of interest to looters.

It was not until 2020 that the Ekdom company bought the building and began renovations. The work took more than two years. The building received a new ugre-coloured façade. The tenement now has a new roof, renovated balconies and terraces and an entrance staircase. New features include a lift and a central heating system.

The tenement house at 47 Śniadeckich Street BEFORE renovation:

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In total, the tenement has five storeys and 11 flats have been created inside, ranging in size from 40 to 80sqm. The premises, however, cannot be bought. They are intended for lease.

photo: Łukasz Bera

source: Ekdom

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